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5 things you can buy instead of the 32GB iPhone 6 for Rs 28,999

Do you really need a phone that’s two years old?

Apple snuck up on us with a surprise – a 32GB iPhone 6 model that’s now available on Amazon for Rs 28,999. If you can recall, Apple had announced during the iPhone 7 launch that it would update the iPhone 6s models’ storage variants from 16GB, 64GB and 128GB to 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. However, the iPhone 6 has also been now spotted in a 32GB Space Grey variant.

That got us thinking, if one should really buy a phone with hardware that’s two years old. If you look at the iPhone lineup itself, the iPhone SE, which has better hardware than the iPhone 6, is available at almost the same price – Rs 27,779 for 16GB, Space Grey. But if you have a phone and you don’t need to change it, should you be going for an iPhone 6, just because it is an iPhone? We think that you can do a lot more with that kind of money.

Go out

In Rs 28,999, instead of getting another device that keeps you connected to the internet and social networks at all times, you could perhaps disconnect and find a connect with nature itself. In that price, you could put together a nice camping gear and still have enough money to take the least expensive modes of travel for a nice camping trip. On Amazon itself, you can buy a Quechua Arpenaz 2 tent for Rs 2699 on Amazon, a Wildcraft D Lite sleeping back for Rs 2995, a 60 Litres Wildcraft rucksack for Rs 2817 and a Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Knife for Rs 2400.

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The total comes up to Rs 10,991, which leaves Rs 18,079. With that, you could buy camping supplies like food, medicines, water bottles and toiletries, which wouldn’t cost more than Rs 4,000 for a 3-4 day trip. The remaining Rs 14,000 can be used for travelling to and from the campsite, and if you act smart, you can maybe fit in a flight ticket for one side as well. Also, if you think that while a phone would probably be a better investment, we can add our two cents here. A trip out in the nature might get you hooked on to travel, and who knows, you might rediscover yourself. Oh and the camping gear can be used multiple times too.

Go gaming

If outdoor adventures are not really your thing, there’s always the adventures that you can have in the comfort of your living room. We’re talking about buying a gaming console for yourself, in case you are wondering. Sure, an iPhone 6 will be good for mobile gaming, but why settle for just that when you can easily buy yourself a console for the same price?


For Rs 29,659, you could buy a Sony PS4 1TB gaming console, with a game bundle of Watchdogs I, Watchdogs II, and Infamous Second Son. If a PlayStation is not really your thing, you can also go for the Xbox One. For Rs 29,990, you can get the Halo Master Chief Bundle – you also get a Kinect in this deal. Both of these are available on Amazon. With a console, you can take your gaming skills to up to maddeningly pro levels.

Go riding

If you think that you’re already spending too many hours on the chair at work, or on the couch at home, or on the desk in school, maybe you should also explore options to exercise. Cycling is one of the best exercises around, and also a great way to commute. It burns your carbs, and saves the polar bears too. In the price of a new iPhone 6, you can easily buy a good mid-range MTB or hybrid cycle.



A Montra Rock 4.1 is a hard-tail MTB that is good enough for weekend trail riding and comfortable for city rides too. It’s available for Rs 27,000, and you can pick it up from a Track and Trail dealership. If you’re new to cycling and would like to buy a helmet and shorts too, then you should go for the Bianchi Duel, which costs Rs 22,500, which leaves enough money for a few accessories as well.

Go, err, pro

Sure, the cameras on iPhones are generally good by smartphone standards. In fact, certain photographers and filmmakers are taking to iPhones for shooting on ultra-compact form-factors. However, if you’ve always wanted to take good photos, it’s always a good idea to start using a DSLR, and teach yourself the basics of lighting and composition. In the same price as that of the iPhone 6, you can invest in entry-level DSLRs, and get learning (as long as you forget that there’s an automatic mode).


A Nikon D3400 will set you back by Rs 28,918, with an 18-55mm kit lens. If you want a little more bang for your buck, you can also buy the Canon EOS 1300D, for Rs 29,489 for a bundle that includes an 18-55mm kit lens, a 55-250mm IS II Lens, a 16GB SD card and a carry case. You could also try your hand at action photography and buy a GoPro Hero 5 Session. This tiny camera can be used to shoot good footage of you doing amazing things like cycling, motorbiking, surfing, kayaking, paragliding, chasing dragons and unicorns and whatnot. A GoPro Hero 5 Session will set you back by Rs 27,500.

Go Android


If a phone is what you must have, why buy a device that’s two years old in terms of computing power and technology, when you can simply buy one of the most powerful Android flagships out there?

Great alternative for iPhone 6

The OnePlus 3T comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, 6GB of RAM, a 16 megapixel camera on the front, and another 16 megapixel camera on the back as well. It’s one of the best phones that we have tested, and we like it for the premium build quality and its all-round performance. You can read our full review here. The OnePlus 3T costs Rs 29,999.

First published on: 06-03-2017 at 09:27:00 am
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