Videocon d2h 4K STB Review: Stunning visuals, but wait for more channels to come

Videocon 4K set-top-box seems to be a good upgrade option for those who plan to buy a 4K television set this year.

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | New Delhi | Published: May 22, 2015 4:04:36 pm
Videocon, Videocon 4K, Videocon d2h 4K set top box, videocon, 4K TV content, technology news Videocon 4K set-top-box seems to be a good upgrade option for those who plan to buy a 4K television set this year.

We have been hearing about 4K or Ultra HD for a couple of years now. But even as 4K televisions become cheaper and smaller, there is still a serious dearth of content shot and broadcast in resolutions better than Full HD. All of India’s top DTH players have launched 4K set-top-boxes that are capable of streaming 4K quality content, whenever that becomes available in the real sense. Here is our review of the Videocon d2h 4K set-top-box

Videocon d2h 4K set-top-box

Videocon launched its 4K service just before the ICC Cricket World cup and beamed one channel with some of the matches in 4K. However, the World Cup does not seem to have given the expected push for 4K content and televisions. I expect this to really take off around the Olympics next year, by when 4K could well become the standard that FullHD is now.

Price: Rs 6,590 for STB + installation.


The 4K STB seems a bit larger than regular set-top-boxes and has a gold branding that is hard to miss. Maybe Videocon wants to suggest that this is the gold standard for television content at the moment. The remote too has the gold branding. It is easy to grip and navigate, which is important given that we use the STB remote more than the actual TV remote these days. There is an HDMI port at the back that connects to the TV. What I like about the Videocon service is the fact that the box switches to life almost instantly and there is no latency like in other STBs.

4K content

Yes, you have an expensive 4K television. Yes, you have a costly 4K set top box. But no, there is no 4K content that you will love watching. Videocon service has one channel that constantly breaks 4K content. But there is a limit to how much snow boarding you can watch a day. The entire channel is a rerun sung plays the same videos on loop.

However, it is a great showcase of the what 4K offers. I have always considered 4K content a bit better than what the human eye sees and there is something eerily ethereal about watching pictures that are so clear. And the Videocon d2h 4K gives you a good sneak peak into what the future of television holds for us. It is stunning, it is how television should be. For the record, I tested the service on a 55-inch Philips 8500 series — a separate review of the TV will follow soon.

Right now the single channel is easy to access on a single click. But maybe when more channels come, the UI will need to show that more for users with the 4K set top box. They will not want to watch even full HD content on 4K televisions and that experience is far from good.

Should you buy?

Maybe not now. At the moment it does not make much sense for you to get a 4K STB unless you have already invested in a 4K television. For those who plan to buy a 4K television set this year, Videocon seems to be a good upgrade option.

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