Share your secrets with this app

Can’t keep a secret? With this app, you don’t need to.

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: July 6, 2014 1:00:39 am


What it is: Available on iOs and Android, Secret is a social media app that lets you anonymously share your secrets with your friends, their friends and the interweb at large. Developed by Americans David Byttow and Chrys Bader-Wechseler, the app is the newest, and from the looks of it, the most popular entrant, in the anonymous social media category.

Sites like Tumblr allow you to share all sorts of content, including NSFW (Not Safe for Work) matter, without necessarily revealing your identity, but you have to make a profile. In addition, it is no fun if you don’t have followers to reblog your content and take it forward. After all, one wouldn’t be on social media if one didn’t want to put oneself out there. Secret is simple, there is no need for a profile, no names, no pictures.

How do I spill my secret? Just log in using your email address. The app does not allow you to post unless you invite three friends. Once that’s out of the way, you can post your secret, with the option to choose a background for your public confession. There are two categories of secrets: Friends and Explore. The first shows secrets posted by your friends from your address book or other social networks; the second displays secrets from all around the world. If your secret receives comments, or if you comment on a thread, the app assigns you an icon which lets the author and other secret sharers keep track of the participants on a thread.

What happens next: If your secret catches people’s attention, they have the option to click on the heart symbol; the more times it is clicked, the more it travels on the app, like a Chinese whisper around the world, but without being garbled or misheard.

There are some universal secrets, especially the ones about unrequited love or broken hearts, boredom or frustration at the workplace and sexual fantasies and experiences. Some secrets are gossipy, if they are about a public personality or somebody in a friend circle. While the founders state that they want the app to promote empathy in social media, one can’t determine if a secret shared will bring kind words or cruel barbs. And sometimes, secret sharers can take the conversation away from the app, to chat privately, courtesy — a platform that allows you to have anonymous conversations online, just by creating a throwaway username.

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