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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

LG photo pocket printer: Print instantly,anywhere

Compact and easy to take with you,this mini printer lets you snap photos and print them on the spot

Written by Sudhir Chowdhary | Published: August 29, 2013 1:17:50 am

Photographs are a part of people’s life. It takes us back to the memory lane and helps us relive important moments. As an adolescent during the 1980s,I used to thirst for my father’s prized possession—a Polaroid instant camera,which used to be taken out on social occasions or weekend family picnics. Whenever the need to capture a special moment arose,our proud father used to wield his device,take a photo and the printout used to appear from the top of the camera and develop and dry as it hit the air. My sole grouse was that we as children were forbidden to lay our hands on his instant camera.

That was then. Nowadays,we all have our camera-equipped mobile phones of whatever make,and quite a few among us click pictures of almost everything—flowers,people,traffic jams,sky and so on and so on. We also print some of our creativity by transferring the picture files from our mobile phone to our laptop or desktop computer and then print them by means of a printer,either black & white or colour,whatever is available.

But the entire procedure can get a bit tedious,isn’t it? Also,why let your memories fade out,when you can print it on the go with technology made available in the market by LG Electronics. The South Korean electronics company has devised an easy way to print photos instantly with its PD233 pocket photo printer. The device delivers high quality prints and provides fairly good wireless connectivity,making it the ideal companion for both Apple and Android-powered smartphones. The mobile printer carries an affordable price tag of R14,990.

At first look,the LG printer comes across as a stylish piece of hardware and software combo. At 212 grams,it is one of the smallest and lightest mobile phone printing devices in the market where users can print on the go and also share photos on social media platforms and online,directly from the device. The photo printer easily fits the palm of one’s hand or a jacket pocket when not in use. It produces 5.1 x 7.6 cm (2 x 3 inch) prints,perfect for sharing or displaying.

Set up was fairly simple. I downloaded the LG Pocket Photo app from Google Play Store on a HTC phone. You can set the app for printing using Bluetooth or near-field communication (NFC). When turning the device on,the Start button flashes for 5 seconds and then printing is available. Also,do not forget to slide Smart Sheet (blue) and photo papers together into the Paper insert slot. Smart Sheet will be ejected automatically before first printing. Smart Sheet essentially cleans printer head and calibrates colour on photo. Most important,do not insert more than one pack (10 Photo papers and one Smart Sheet). Otherwise,two papers may be ejected at once or paper jam may occur.

This device uses built-in battery. Before using it,charge the battery in full. This will normally take about one and a half hours. Once the battery is fully charged,you can print upto 25 papers in a row. You can connect the device to PC using the supplied USB cable,but charging time can be longer.

Based on the user experience,here’s my feedback: I can say that LG’s palm-sized printer is an apt product for consumers as it will help them cherish their special memories in high quality prints. The photo printer just takes few seconds to print or share pictures online once connected to any mobile device via Bluetooth or NFC. It employs ink-less printing technology from Zink that eliminates the need for expensive ink cartridge. In comparison with conventional printing processes,Zink’s ink-less paper system preserves images longer and produces less smearing and preserves images longer.

With the ability to print QR codes on photographs,the LG printer delivers a creative way of connecting a physical image to an online community. QR codes can be read with any barcode scanning app,linking people to social networking sites or other online content. In addition,the LG printer can be used to print customised birthday invitations,thank you cards,or even business cards with a personal QR code.

During my get-to-know the device fully,I discovered some interesting features that,according to me,make the LG pocket printer an essential device. Take for instance its cord-free connections. Because this mini printer uses a wireless connection to receive files,you can print from your laptop or smartphone without messy cables or cumbersome cords. Then,you can print instantly,anywhere. Compact and easy to take with you,the printer lets you snap photos and print them on the spot.

The LG pocket printer also facilitates fast on-the-fly editing. Its editing app lets you make quick adjustments to photos on your smartphone or laptop before printing your picture. Each mini printer comes with an app that makes creating your own e-cards simple. With customisable photo frames and decorative options,you can quickly and easily create and print your own cards and invitations,or send them electronically.

All in all,when you have this LG photo printer in your gadget kit,you can never let a beautiful moment remain hidden in your mobile phone. You will be tempted to use this must-have device,print it out and bring it to life. Highly recommended!

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