Game review: Million Dollar Arm misses link with movie, but is still fun

The point and shoot game offers a 3D interface to aim and hit baseball gloves in time bounded levels.

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: May 19, 2014 7:59:11 pm

By Rohit Arora

million dollar arm1 The game Million Dollar Arm misses link with movie but is still fun

99Games has launched a game based on the Walt Disney movie Million Dollar Arm which hit cinemas in India last week.

The point and shoot game offers a 3D interface to aim and hit baseball gloves in time bounded levels. The game play consists of minimal controls with tap and hold option to grab baseballs and aim them on the continuous changing targets that include baseball gloves hidden behind rotating wheels or glasses.

Launch the game and you will quickly be directed on a series of timed competitive levels with continuous increasing complexity to hit the target with a nice background music. Keep hitting the targets as one single miss can end your game.

The game succeeds in holding you for initial minutes with its hard to miss targets and limited time levels. I achieved 10 shots on a single go, and it took a little while to maintain a grip on targets.

There is not much for social connectivity, however, the game provides a Leader board where you can share your score on Facebook and compete with friends or other players worldwide.

I did not encounter any lag and the game felt pretty smooth with no such glitches.

The game does not give the option to customise your character, change playground or background music which is a disappointment. Plus, the developers seemed to have missed the task of integrating the game with the movie and I could not find any link other than baseball.

If you are a baseball fan and looking for a simple point and shoot game to pass your time without any fuss of in-app purchases then this is a good try. So grab the ball, wait for the target shoot to claim your million dollar arm.

The good

Minimal controls

Good graphics with just 62MB on device storage

Easy and fun to play

Nice background music


The bad

Not much options to explore

Gets boring after a while

Lack of different modes

Missing link with movie


Available on iOS, Android and windows.

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