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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

EXPRESS READING: Ford’s solar car,Apple’s iBeacon and NSA schemes

Each week we bring you the best tech reads from around the web.

Mumbai | Published: January 5, 2014 12:13:55 pm

Each week we bring you the best tech reads from around the web. This week’s readings are centered on tech theology,Apple,CES,Ford’s Solar Energy Concept Car,NSA’s,et cetera. Happy Reading!

1 It’s Not a Church,It’s Just an Apple Store: AllThingsD team moves to a new home, and here’s Walt Mossberg’s first post about tech theology,a take on how technology is followed as a religion and hit on fanboys/fangirls culture.

2.Ford’s experimental car has solar panel on roofs: Both Nissan and Tesla are gaining huge momentum with their electric cars and alongside there is huge following for Hybrid cars and topping it all is Ford’s Solar Energy Concept Car. Interesting details by David Baker. 

3.Apple,Jacob Appelbaum and the National Security Agency: NSA’s backdoor access to iPhone was the trending tech story this week and Fortune Tech gives a complete lowdown on Apple,Appelbaum and the NSA story.

4.The NSA’s elite hackers can hijack your Wi-Fi from 8 miles away:The Verge presents another takeaway from Jacob Appelbaum’s revelations. This time isn’t about Apple but about hijacking your Wi-Fi from 8 miles away through packet injection or unmanned drones.

5.5 things to expect in social in 2014: If you read recent stats about teens getting bored of Facebook then Jennifer Van Grove’s piece for CNET will definitely interest you. The article details five of the much desired changes in Social life that will be implemented by various apps in 2014.

6. Did Santa Bring You Anything For BYOD? Howard Baldwin’s looks at the ever changing scenario of BYOD. 

7.Four New Tech Trends That Should Be Huge In 2014: Julie Bort studies four new tech trends set to gain momentum in 2014. (Hint: Gesture-based computing and iBeacon practice)

8.CES 2014 to host iBeacon scavenger hunt w/ official mobile apps: Taking the lead from Apple’s iBeacon use,CES floor will host a fun scavenger hunt with official mobile apps incorporating iBeacon technology. 

9.5 lessons we learned about data science in 2013: Jordan Novet brings us some important learnings about data science from DataBeat Summit.

10.Lawsuit alleges Facebook reads your private messages: Another story that caught our attention this week was about a lawsuit alleging Facebook was reading private messages. Tim Sampson reports for DailyDot.

Compiled by Karthekayan Iyer,a Mumbai-based geek and aspiring tech writer

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