EXPRESS READING: Best tech stories you missed this week

Each week we bring you the best tech reads from around the web.

Mumbai | Published: December 29, 2013 11:02:56 am

Each week we bring you the best tech reads from around the web. This week’s readings are centered on Snowden’ alternative Christmas Message,Steven Sinofsky’s tech predictions,Google Glass for home,and lots more. Happy Reading!

1. Edward Snowden delivers Channel 4’s Alternative Christmas Message: He leaked it all and is infamous for NSA. Whistleblower Snowden delivers an alternative Christmas Message “A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all”

2. Designing for exponential trends of 2014: Start your reading with a phenomenal tech prediction for 2014 by former Windows Boss,Steven Sinofsky. He believes low-cost mobile devices,messaging apps,cloud computing will be the key

3. How Google Glass Could Be Your Smart Home Command Center: Google Glass is definitely the most fascinating tech product and Readwrite article illustrates the use of Google Glass as home command center.

4. Apple To go large In 2014 With iPhone 6 in May And iPad Pro in October: Here’s an interesting revelation about Apple’s plans in 2014; finally an iOS phablet coming this year. Mr. Kosner reports.

5. Google and Facebook write your end-of-year cards for you: Stephen Shankland takes a look at Google and Facebook’s tools to create your end-of-year videos.

6. Tesla vs. Target: Which CEO wrote the better transparency letter: While Tesla’s car caught fire,Target had its own Cyber attack. In order to win back customers,both CEOs came up with transparency letters and TNW’s Len Kendall compares them for us.

7. Google’s Schaft robot takes top spot at DARPA Robotics Challenge: While Andy Rubin builds robot and Google buys Boston Dynamics,their indigenous Schaft Robot takes top honours at DARPA challenge. Gizmag brings all the details.

8. What’s In Store For Commuting’s Future: A look at car tech and future of commuting by NPR

9. Wispy designs from Microsoft partners breeze past Apple: Widely accepted fact that hybrids are the future of computing and all PC manufacturers have their own lead in this regard. Here’s an interesting article explaining how Microsoft partners have done better than Apple in design aspect by CNET.

Compiled by Karthekayan Iyer,a Mumbai-based geek and aspiring tech writer

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