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Entertainment at your fingertips

A smart and stylish laptop to enjoy movies and music. It’s also great to use for regular PC work

I have learned that one of the best ways to keep oneself abreast with the latest devices in town is to regularly visit gadget shops,essentially to experience them first-hand. Earlier this month,with some spare time at hand I strolled into a Sony showroom and the Japanese technology firm’s new VAIO notebook,F15,caught my immediate attention. This Sony piece of technology is surely a head turner. It is a beautifully designed computer with a host of eye-grabbing features. At R34,990-a-piece,VAIO F15 is an affordable notebook that does not compromise on offering soul-shaking clarity and deep bass,resulting in a rich audio experience. When the Sony team called to inquire whether I would be interested in reviewing their latest VAIO machine,my curiosity transformed into happiness.

Sony is one of the most recognised consumer electronics brands in the country,with a reputation for great technology and fairly good after sales service. I have personally been a user and fan of Sony products since many years; Sony Bravia

42-inch LED TV is my latest possession,

joining the ranks of a Sony music system,DVD player and a Sony Walkman (all still running smoothly).

Cut to the VAIO F15 (model number: SVF15212SNB) and there’s a lot to like about this Sony innovation. It is a fairly good laptop,in my opinion,to enjoy movies and music. It is jostling for consumer attention at a time when mobile phones and tablets are fast replacing laptops and desktops as work and entertainment devices. Computer makers are trying their best to beat back the tablet mania,that is eating into their sales. Sony seems to have done a good job on this front. Its VAIO F15 will,to some extent,arrest the flight towards mobiles and slates.


In my opinion,there’s a reason why laptops will continue to be preferred by a good number of people. Laptops offer real keyboards for faster typing,they are better at multitasking,and they offer a lot more power for everything from editing video and watching movies to playing the latest games. But,carrying a chunky notebook PC is always a big burden for frequent travelers,isn’t it? Also,mobility and ruggedness are important laptop features they seek.

The 2.5 kg VAIO F15 is amazingly portable given its full notebook PC functionality. It is designed for a more intuitive use along with powerful performance and plenty of storage. Its display delivers gorgeous-looking images and text. It has elegant esthetics and robust built quality for everyday life. The keyboard is easy to get used to and it offers a pleasant typing experience.

The VAIO F15 provides pretty good entertainment experience with great audio-visual technologies. Those wanting crystal clear highs and deep trembling basses will love the audio technology that comes with the VAIO F15. It is engineered to provide great sound experience through its dedicated sub-woofer and big box speakers.

An interesting sound setting feature,Clear Audio+ mode,incorporates a variety of Sony’s own signal processing technologies to provide good audio quality,with different sound and equaliser settings that can be activated with the touch of a button. VAIO F15 is also tuned to provide optimised sound experience with headphone through Sony Walkman’s technology.

I am also told that the VAIO F15 has been especially designed for Indian consumer’s taste; it will give users thrilling movie watching experience with its “Bollywood Mode”. Close scrutiny revealed that are three unique display modes—Vivid,Natural & Text to match display colour,resolution & brightness as per your use. In my test-run,I played a good number of movies from my home DVD collection. I also played movie clips from YouTube. The screen displays images in high definition,and the speakers emit quality sound,so that you can enjoy your favourite movies and shows on this laptop.

In closing,the VAIO F15 combines great style and user experience with good features.