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EAFT Destiny D90T: A tablet for music lovers at Rs 16,990

D90T tablet is well made and is worth the investment for enthusiasts.

If you are an entertainment lover,this device is for you. We are talking about the D90T tablet from EAFT Technologies,priced at R16,990. The tablet focuses on music enthusiasts with its WorldSpace radio app and anyone looking for long battery life. Its 8000mAh battery ensures that there is enough power to get through all the tasks in a given day.

The tablet’s 9.7-inch IPS display offers a good ratio for landscape or portrait viewing and is the ideal size for viewing content,be it reading books or watching videos. The Cortex A9 dual core processor at 1.6 GHz along with the Mali 400 MHz GPU simplifies multitasking and provides a good combination for smooth handling of multimedia and rendering.

The D90T supports 10 point multi-touch. Therefore,you can play the piano on your tablet or play extreme games right from your tablet! However,the tablet looks pretty ordinary as if to attempt an iPad. Its build feels pretty plasticky as if deliberately built to a price. Edges may feel to be slightly sharp when holding. As a

result,the Destiny D90T scores a low 5/10 on look-and-feel.


The D90T weighs 610 grams,which is just about what the competition offers for this screen size. The Micromax Funbook Pro is a 10-inch tablet and weighs 600 grams. However,the D90T’s weight is lesser than the Spice Stellar Pad MI 1010,which is another 10-inch tablet but weighs 667 grams.

The tablet has two cameras of 2 megapixel each at front and back,the rear camera even gets an LED flash. However only the front camera is of good use,which is for video chatting. The rear camera does take pictures but you can only use the images as thumbnails and nothing much. The Android version is just 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich OS,which is obsolete in terms of the competition offered. The interface and touch responsiveness is just about average and in terms of pre-loaded applications,you mainly have Office suites,Evernote,Dropbox and Photobooth (in addition to Worldspace).

When fully charged,streaming a movie on YouTube over Wi-Fi caused the battery to drain in a little over seven hours. Not meant for the budget conscious!

Estimated street price

Rs 16,990