ASUS Fonepad: Intel power

Tablet,phablet,large-screen phone,small-screen tablet… there are so many product categories being created in the Indian smartphone market.

Written by Vikram Chaudhary | Published: May 2, 2013 2:56:52 am

The Fonepad is a tablet with 3G phone functions,seven-inch screen,good finish and clean build

Tablet,phablet,large-screen phone,small-screen tablet…there are so many product categories being created in the Indian smartphone market. And why not? The technology companies are eager to tap almost every segment of the market. Yet another company to jump into the bandwagon is the Taiwanese manufacturer Asus,which has come out with a product called a Fonepad.

The name itself signifies what the product is—it is a phone and a pad,a calling tablet if you please. Measuring 196.4 x 120.1 x 10.4 mm,the Fonepad weighs 340 gm. It has a seven-inch capacitive touchscreen with 800 x 1280 pixels resolution,and has a 10-finger touch input mechanism. As far as looks are concerned,it doesn’t quite stand out in a market full of similar designs. And the build quality,though not really premium,isn’t cheap either.

To use it as a phone you have to use a micro-SIM inside—there’s no slot for your regular phone SIM. It runs on Android Jelly Bean operating system and has a 1 GB RAM. Perhaps the best thing about the Fonepad is that it is powered by a 1.2 GHz Intel Atom Z2420 processor,which gives it a kind of edge over other tablets in the market,especially those that run on dual core 1 GHz processor.

Coming to the screen,the seven-inch clean display offers good viewing angles and watching videos on the Fonepad can be a good pastime. However,the Fonepad’s speakers are not of the finest quality and this,to an

extent,compromises a movie-watching experience. Also,

under bright sunny conditions,the screen,even at its brightest best,isn’t really clear. On the other hand,the Fonepad is ideal as a e-book reader and the text appears sharp and clear.

It also comes with a 3-megapixel rear camera and a 1.2-megapixel front camera.

Although you have various regular camera modes,the photo quality is not really good.

Although in bright sunny conditions you get decent photos,they turn grainy if you click indoors or in twilight. The front camera is best used for video chats. The battery life of the Fonepad is just about average—it comes with a 16Wh Li-polymer battery and the company-claimed talktime is nine hours.

The Fonepad is the first tablet from Asus to offer voice calling and Intel power means it is quite fast too. At a price of R15,999,it is decent value for money also.

Although it is average is most aspects,you can give it a try for its relatively fast processor.


* Dimensions: 196.4 x 120.1 x 10.4 mm (L x W x H)

* Full 3G phone functions

* Metallic,clean finish

* Seven-inch IPS display

* Intel Atom Z2420 1.2 GHz

* Micro-SD slot for 32GB storage

Estimated street price: Rs 15,999

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