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Monday, July 23, 2018

ACSG Corp: Empowering security industry partners to sell hi-tech products

In today’s technology-driven world,millions are spent on advanced technology solutions by security-sensitive sectors,

Published: October 6, 2013 7:02:49 pm

In today’s technology-driven world,millions are spent on advanced technology solutions by security-sensitive sectors,such as the home ministry,defence minstry,oil and gas,coal and minerals,aviation,finance and investment industry,among others. These industries have special need for technology products and training not only for their data protection and intrusion prevention,but also for data decryption,big data analytics,cyber space monitoring etc .

ACSG Corp (,a boutique technology-based products company,serving specialized needs of the security sensitive sector,has floated a variety of critical products and solutions. The company focuses on advanced needs of specific bodies,organizations,companies and ministries. Its USP lies in understanding technical products and solutions space of security sensitive sectors.

A sensitive-security-sector-focused Information and Communication Technology solutions firm,ACSG designs,implements and manages tailored solutions comprising of software,appliances,and onsite and remote professionals. Its products and solutions are unique and very few companies globally have such solutions,thereby making ACSG an exclusive entity.

Interestingly,some of the most hazardous attacks in defense and homeland security sector originate from the inside. These attacks can be the most devastating,due to the amount of damage a privileged user can do and the data they can access.

What has shocked consumers and security specialists equally is that a business that gathers and profits from immense amounts of data take minimal approach to defending it.

This highlights a disconcerting reality – organizations continue to take a chance on their own computer security,even as the incidents proliferate. Interestingly,the employees,or ‘insiders’,contribute to an alarmingly large number of break-ins.

ACSG Corp spokesperson,VK Bhati said,”While outsiders,with their inventive modus-operandi,cause a huge danger to companies,the risk linked with the insider threat can be as

critical and sinister.” He continued: “Our research over the years has shown that employee behaviour is one of the most serious concerns that a Government entity and a corporation are faced with today.”

In order to mitigate the risk arising from internal people,ACSG has fashioned a unique solution – ‘Data Leakage Prevention’ – where inside threats are mitigated and highlighted by the system. It is a gateway appliance ,which monitors employee network. ACSG also provides training to clients staff to manage the device,also provides pre trained professionals to manage this device on an AMC basis.

‘Data Theft Prevention’ is yet another product that the company offers. Just an antivirus is not enough to stop an intruder from taking access to a personal machine,DTP network appliance node based softwares prevent external attacks to all levels.

ACSG Corp has customized a 3 channel platform integrating email,chat and VoIP calling on secured cloud architecture. All means of communication are encrypted from a military grade encryption securing personal and corporate communication.

A state of art cyber monitoring and reputation management software for security-sensitive sectors such as police,tourism,PSUs and related bodies has been in high demand.

Partners have over 5 categories and 12 unique products and solutions with training,warranties,price flexibility,and customization possible at every step,and availaibility of source code if a contract demands the same. ACSG corp’s hi-tech products,softwares and solutions covers forensics,security,monitoring,reputation and analytics space. Partners could also request for a specific product in this space.

The company is sometimes referred to as ‘The sharper image’ of Asia due to uniqueness of its solutions.

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