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A well thought of device

Although it manages to stand out in the maze of devices being launched almost every fortnight,the Me Connect 2G 2.0 leaves a bit to be desired

The hand-held mobile device market in India is rapidly evolving and tablets especially have become synonymous with the latest technology. In fact,almost every fortnight you see a new tablet being launched. Some get lost in the maze,others manage to stand out. One such is the new tablet,actually phablet,from HCL—the Me Connect 2G 2.0. But what is a phablet? It is a device designed to combine the functionalities of a smartphone and a tablet,eliminating the need for two devices. And how good is this phablet? Read on.

The Me Connect 2G 2.0 is a seven-inch phablet powered by a 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor with 1 GB DDR3 RAM. It comes with 4 GB internal memory that is expandable up to 32 GB. The phablet runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.1. Perhaps why it is called Connect is that the phablet aims to create a connect with the diverse population of India as it features reading and writing in major local Indian languages. The fact that it comes preloaded with applications such as BigFlix,Hungama,Readwhere,Paytm,Facebook and Twitter makes it easy to watch movies,download songs and read newspapers. In fact,the preloaded applications and offers are worth more than R2,000. Then,it comes with a face recognition feature for locking and unlocking the device. The 3800 mAH Li-polymer battery is relatively long lasting. Additionally,the voice receiver integrated with a vibrator function transforms it into a smartphone.

It comes with front 0.3 MP camera and rear 2.0 MP camera,which do give decent shots,but what I didn’t quite like was the weird placement of the front camera. At times,while holding the phablet with my right hand,the front camera got covered by my thumb when using the device in the portrait mode!

Although it is easy to download movies on it,the screen quality isn’t as good as that of a few similar devices in the market. Then,the build quality also isn’t the best of the lot. In fact,at times,I felt the back cover might even crack if pushed too hard!

Overall,the Me Connect 2G 2.0 is a well thought of,but not so well executed device. Well thought of because it can keep you connected through GPRS. And 2G means better battery life and low-cost usage plans (3G data plans are anyway costly). And if you want 3G,you have the option of using the external data card. And at R8,499,it is priced right too. Not so well executed because it doesn’t give you the feel of a sturdy device that click all the right buttons.