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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Dr Aeroguard SCPR700 review: Powerful fan, lots of features

Dr Aeroguard SCPR700 is a relatively large air purifier, and takes up a corner of your room.

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | Published: August 19, 2016 3:52:18 pm
Dr Aeroguard SCPR700, Dr Aeroguard SCPR700 review, Dr Aeroguard review, Dr Aeroguard air purifier review, Air Purifier, Air Purifiers to buy Dr Aeroguard SCPR700 review: A large air purifier with plenty of functions.

There is one segment in technology that has been gaining currency over the past year or so. All the reports about the spike in pollution levels in India, especially New Delhi, have helped make air purifiers popular across the country. Eureka Forbes, a household name, is the latest to air purifiers under the Dr Aeroguard brand.

Dr Aeroguard SCPR700
Price: Rs 24,990

Dr Aeroguard SCPR700 is a relatively large air purifier, and takes up a corner of your room and elicits questions like “that is a really small split AC” from visitors. However, it is not heavy and not tough to move around within the house. As with any air purifier, it is better to keep this in your bedroom as it is the one location where you spend the maximum time.

I have tried out a couple of relatively simple air purifiers, but Dr Aeroguard SCPR700 brings a lot of features and settings to the table. There are fans speeds, auto/sleep mode, light on/of, a simple timer and Vita-Ion option. The Vita-Ion option, for those who do not know, adds a combination of silver ions, diatoms and vitamins to make the air healthy claims the company. I would not have guessed, and there is no way for you to figure out that your air is getting this healthy.

The Dr Aeroguard SCPR700 functions are easy to use and thankfully there is an LED display for you to figure out what is happening. The display shows the fan speed and gives the scary PM 2.5 rating for the air it is sucking in. The auto mode controls the fan speed based on the requirement, while the sleep mode is quieter and limits the fan speeds. The fan on this purifier is really powerful, and you have the ability to set the speeds. The timer is limited to 1, 4 and 8 hours all controlled by a single button.

There is an LED light that glows green and red to indicate if the air quality or good or bad. Since the lights can be a bit too bright to help deep sleep, they can be turned off as well.

Dr Aeroguard SCPR700 comes with a 9-stage filtering system, which should be able to take out all kinds of pollutants and bacteria in the air. However, I never saw the LED glow green in the week or so I tested out this purifier — blame the Delhi air for that. Inside my small 14x14ft bedroom, the Dr Aeroguard SCPR700 managed to bring down PM2.5 from 141 to 131 in a few hours — this is with the AC on. There is only so much technology can do.

The filters, however, do tell a story. Having run in my house for a week, of which three nights it ran for over eight hours, the filters had turned a mild grey, showing that it was doing some purification for sure. I am not sure this is good enough, but it was surely better than what my son would have been breathing without it.


There is a certain amount of trust that goes in while buying a device like an air purifier. You have to just take the company’s word for what the device is capable of doing. On that front, the Dr Aeroguard SCPR700 seems to be among the better air purifiers you can buy at the moment.

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