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‘Zoom not just a meeting app, it is a complete collaborative suite’

According to Zoom India's Sameer Raje, the platform is now focusing on features that can help enterprise customers, and they are no longer just a 'video meeting' app.

Zoom, Zoom India, Zoom featuresZoom now sees itself as a collaborative suite, and not just a video meeting app. (Image via Zoom)

In the post-pandemic world, Zoom no longer sees itself as yet another app for hosting video meetings.The focus is now on ensuring that customers, especially enterprise customers, have access to features that can help the entire team work collaboratively, even if some members are outside the office.

“Zoom is not just a meeting platform. It is a complete collaboration suite of services,” Sameer Raje, Country Manager Zoom India & SAARC told indianexpress.com.

“We have introduced a product known as an online whiteboard and Zoom Team chats. Now, these two are very closely integrated. First, Zoom team chat is now a more robust chat platform where you can create chat channels, announcements, etc. With the whiteboard, I can actually start a whiteboard and those in our team who are travelling can also get on that whiteboard and join in,” Raje added.

He added that the next time when everyone is in the office, they can actually pull up the same whiteboard and start drawing on it again. These product additions are designed to ensure that Zoom has more to offer to enterprise customers, whose employees might still be working in a hybrid mode.

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Raje also gave examples of how enterprises are using Zoom to create newer experiences. “One of our enterprise customers, based in the hospitality business, recently launched their Virtual Receptionist using Zoom. So the actual receptionist is sitting in one location, but all across the country, any customer walks in, touches a button and she can interact with them and welcome them. All of this is via Zoom,” he explained.

Another example, he said, was how an EV company integrated Zoom into its service platform, where the service agents solve problems with the help of the video calling app. “It is not that the customer is clicking to join Zoom or something. We are integrated into the EV’s application. All of this information is deposited back into the service desk into their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for a better understanding of the customer,” he pointed out.

Sameer Raje, Country Manager Zoom India & SAARC told indianexpress.com.

In fact, many of Zoom’s new product features are now focusing on enterprise customers. For instance, the company’s new platform called SalesIQ uses AI to analyse a client’s meetings and helps the customer gauge how it went. “The platform can tell how many times a customer uses the name of a competitor. So that the sales manager or the leadership can actually guide the sales rep on what needs to be done, and how it needs to be improved,” Raje said.


Zoom also plans to bring some of its features, currently available in the US, to markets like India. This includes Hosted Contact Centre, which can help companies build personalised contact centres for customer interaction as well as Zoom Phone, which allows calling other devices, sending SMS, etc, using the platform.

“We plan to bring many of these features from Zoom US to Zoom India. But our regulations are different and we will have to work with the government to have the requisite compliances in place. Our focus is going to make sure that we bring in all products and services which are available globally,” Raje said.

First published on: 07-12-2022 at 19:31 IST
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