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All set for the next big holiday? Here are the gadgets, apps to make travel less complicated

If your travelling feels hectic, then it's probably because you aren't carrying the right gadgets with you.

Belkin-magsafe-power-bank-FBThe Belkin MagSafe battery pack is small and compact (Image credit: Anuj Bhatia/Indian Express)
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Post the Covid-19 pandemic, travelling is back with a vengeance. But planning a vacation also means figuring out which gadgets to pack to ensure that the trip goes smoothly. However, figuring out which ones are absolutely essential to ensure that your trip goes smoothly can sometimes be a challenge. You also need to ensure you have the right apps on your smartphone. For example, translation tools come in very handy when you wish to communicate in a place where you do not speak the local language. We list down the options to keep in mind when setting out for your holiday this vacation season.

Universal adapter & split charging cables

If your line of work involves a lot of international travel or if you consider yourself to be a travel junkie, then chances are you may have been inconvenienced by different power outlet standards adopted by different countries. For example, if you travel to the United States, your usual three-pin plug may be rendered incompatible. As a workaround to this problem, you can use universal adapters. The Croma 2.1 Amp Universal Dual USB Wall Charging Adapter, currently retailing for Rs 999 is a great option that comes with all sorts of power inlets and outlets you can think of. But if that’s too pricey, then the Rts Dual USB Universal Travel Adapter which retails for Rs 598 makes a great option.

The Croma Universal Adapter has a 100V-250V AC input (Image credits: Croma)

With the socket problem out of the way, the next thing you’d want to take care of is your cables. If you’ve got a number of devices from multiple manufacturers, then it’d be smarter to carry an all-in-one solution instead of different cables for each device. This will not only reduce your luggage a wee bit but also help prevent any tangling. The Ambrane Unbreakable 3-in-1 Fast Charging Braided Multipurpose Cable offers USB-A, USB-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB connectors in a single package. Meanwhile, the pTron Solero 331 3.4Amps Multifunction Fast Charging Cable makes for a cheaper alternative at just Rs 299.

Sleek power bank with wireless charging support

With gadgets getting “smart,” power requirements have also risen considerably. If battery anxiety prevents you from enjoying your travels to the fullest, then a power bank will always have your back. While 20,000mAh power banks have grown popular in recent times, you probably don’t need that much power if your goal with them is to get nothing but a quick top-up. Also, smaller power banks are easier to carry around.

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The Xiaomi Wireless Power Bank 10,000mAh costs Rs 2,499 and is one of the most value-for-money power banks you can pick up right now. It even doubles up as a wireless charging pad you can place your phone on to charge at 10W. Its wired charging is a lot faster, though, at 22.5W.

The Xiaomi Wireless Power Bank also doubles up as a wireless charging pad (Image source: Xiaomi/Amazon)

But for someone who doesn’t carry a lot of devices and only needs to extend their iPhone battery, the Belkin Boost Charge Magnetic Wireless Power Bank works better. Simply attach it to the back of your iPhone, and you’ll virtually add an additional 2,500mAh of power to your battery, helping your phone last for several more hours.

The right headphones

Travelling can be a noisy experience if you’re commuting via public transportation or have to pass through a lot of public spaces, which can be quite stressful sometimes. To drown out the noise and jam to your favourite beats at the same time, you could use a pair of headphones with ANC (active noise cancellation) support. The Sony WH-CH710N are the most affordable ANC headphones you can pick up from Sony and offer great noise cancellation for the price. They were launched back in 2020 but have stood the test of time pretty well thanks to a considerable price drop – from Rs 9,990 to Rs 6,490.


The JBL Tune 760NC make a great cheaper alternative at Rs 5,499.

The Sony WH-CH710N has a trademark Sony headset look (Image credits: Nandagopal Rajan/Indian Express)

But while headphones may generally offer a more immersive audio experience, they can get a bit cumbersome to carry around. Sure, you can always hang them around the neck. But stuffing them in your backpack, especially with care so as to not damage them, can be difficult. That’s where ANC TWS (true wireless) earbuds come in with their compact footprint you can fit practically anywhere — including your pockets. The market for those is booming right now and there are a sea of options available. Offerings like the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Apple AirPods 3 offer premium sound at a premium price. Then there are the Nothing Ear 1 and the OPPO Enco Air 2 and both offer a well-balanced audio experience without costing too much.

Must-have apps

Last week saw the launch of the DigiYatra across Delhi, Bengaluru, and Varanasi airports in India. The service makes it easier for passengers to board their flight thanks to an elaborate facial recognition technology that does away with the need for an ID card. Passenger data will be processed automatically through facial recognition at various airport checkpoints including entry, check-in, and boarding gate. Obviously, the service will likely be expanded to more airports soon, making it a must-have. To get started with it, download the iOS or Android DigiYatra app.


Of course, communication can also be a challenge when you are travelling abroad. But did you know that your phone has a built-in translator? On Android, you can access it by opening up Google Assistant and typing in “Interpreter.” You’ll be asked to enter the language “you speak” and the language “they speak,” and that’s it – you are good to go. Meanwhile, on Apple devices, you can use the built-in Translate app, which works similarly.

First published on: 09-12-2022 at 16:00 IST
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