Tata Sky ‘Smart Regional’ packs introduced starting at Rs 206 per month; check full details here

Tata Sky Regional Smart Plans, Packs, Channels, Price List: The new smart regional packs start at Rs 206, bundled with the Free to Air (FTA) channels as well and the prices are listed on the Tata Sky website

Tata Sky has ten new ‘Smart’ regional packs for customers, which offer some select paid channels bundled at a budget-friendly price starting at Rs 206 per month.

Tata Sky Regional Smart Packs: Tata Sky has launched ten new ‘Smart’ regional packs based on language preferences for subscribers. The packs start at Rs 206, bundled with Free to Air (FTA) channels as well and the prices are listed on the Tata Sky website. Some of the packs for Hindi, Punjabi and Gujarati will cost Rs 249 per month. Keep in mind that these packs only offer SD resolution channels.

With TRAI’s new rules and regulations for DTH companies and cable operators, companies now have to let customers choose their channels, with 100 channels being offered at a base NCF or Network Capacity fee of Rs 130 (exclusive of 18 per cent GST). Paid channels in this pack of 100 will cost extra for customers.

With these ‘Smart regional’ packs, Tata Sky is offering some paid channels, FTA channels at a bundled price, which is more budget friendly. Here’s a look at the different Tata Sky Smart regional packs.

Tata Sky Smart Regional packs: Prices and details

Starting with the Hindi Smart plan, this has a total cost of Rs 249 including NCF and taxes, though the prices for the paid channels is Rs 96. The service includes, 35 SD paid channels in it as well, including popular channels like Star Plus, Colors TV, Zee TV, etc.

Coming to the Odia Smart regional pack, this includes 20 paid SD channels, with Rs 58 being the charge for these. The total pack costs Rs 211 for customers. The Punjabi Smart pack has a similar price as the Hindi Smart at Rs 249 with Rs 96 extra for the paid channels. The pack includes 31 SD paid channels.

The Gujarati Smart regional pack is priced the same as Punjabi and Hindi at Rs 249 with Rs 96 extra for the paid channels and includes 29 paid SD channels. The Marathi Smart pack will cost Rs 206 in total with the Marathi paid channels costing Rs 53 and it includes only nine SD channels.

The Bengali Smart Regional pack costs Rs 67 extra for the paid channels with a total price of Rs 220 and includes nine SD channels.

The Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarat and Odia Smart packs are listed on Tata Sky website along with others.

The Telugu Smart pack has a price of Rs 249 with Rs 96 being charged for the paid channels. There is a total of 10 paid channels in this pack. The Tamil Smart Regional pack also includes 10 SD channels, which will cost Rs 96 and the total cost of the pack is Rs 249 per month.

The Kannada Smart pack also costs Rs 249 with Rs 96 extra for the channels, with nine paid SD channels. The Malayalam Smart pack will cost Rs 225 per month with Rs 72 per month, which includes 11 SD paid channels.

For Hindi, Punjabi Smart regional packs, paid channels like Colors, History TV18, MTV, Star Plus etc are included and these might be a better deal for consumers who watch these channels regularly.

These Smart regional packs are not the only options for Tata Sky customers. Tata Sky has curated mini regional packs offering channels in HD and SD resolution, though HD resolution packs will cost more.  Keep in mind that customers can always go to the Tata Sky website and app and change the packs that they have subscribed to, if they wish to do so. All these smart regional packs are a monthly cost.

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