Snapdeal to get a new look from tomorrow

Snapdeal to get a new look from tomorrow

Snapdeal redesign sees the company ditch the traditional red banner in the background in favour of more white space

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Snapdeal is getting ready for a new look.

Snapdeal, one of India’s top three e-commerce players, will be going for a complete makeover on Android, iOS and the web. Giving a sneak peek of the new site, Snapdeal’s new Chief Product Officer Anand Chandrasekaran said the revamp was codenamed ‘Phoenix’ and compiled 1500 responses from Snapdeal employees who had pointed out UI issues and bugs.

The Snapdeal redesign sees the company ditch the traditional red banner in the background in favour of more white space. The focus now seems to be clearly on visual elements that will highlight the product.

“The main focus with this redesign is to declutter the website. It will be easier for consumers to find products without being distracted by too many other features on the side,” Chandrasekaran pointed out. The new design sees addition of features like Sort, Filter when searching for products, along with an option to mark certain categories as Favourites. Chandrasekaran joined Snapdeal earlier this month from Bharti Airtel where he was serving in a similar role.

Chandrasekaran said for Snapdeal the focus on product is important and will be key to acquiring new users. “We can’t keep spending on getting new users. With the new redesign, a consumer does not have to wade through products to discover what they are looking for,” he said.


Snapdeal’s redesign will be rolled out by this Wednesday and a new version of the Windows Phone app will follow later on. Asked whether the focus on an image heavy app would be an issue given that India does not offer quality broadband services, he said, “Our bet is that 4G experience will roll-out soon and broadband will become more reliable. We are also working on a special version of the mobile website site for 2G which will load up to 75 per cent faster on the slower networks.”

Snapdeal has over 200 million page visits per month and sees over 70 per cent of their revenue coming from mobile users. Interestingly, over 50 per cent of these mobile users are on 2G connections.

The redesign is the starting point of a series of product changes that the company plans to roll-out. “One area where we are focusing is rebooting search, which is key to how people will discover products. We will also need to look at search in regional languages. Of course, it is a complicated problem; some sellers might be able to converse in their local language, while other buyers might prefer English. It is one of the areas we have to start exploring eventually,” said Snapdeal’s CPO.

For Snapdeal this is the second big redesign, with the last one being introduced nearly a year back. It remains to be seen how Snapdeal users respond to its new avatar.