Now, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 catches fire on Chennai-bound Indigo flight

Now, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 catches fire on Chennai-bound Indigo flight

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 reportedly caught fire in a Chennai-bound flight mid-air. The smartphone was placed in overhead cabin

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was launched in 2012 and the latest Galaxy Note 7 has been found with defective battery (Source: ANI)

A Samsung Galaxy Note 2 reportedly caught fire mid-air in a Chennai-bound flight on Friday. According to Reuters, DGCA has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 2 smartphone caught fire, though no damage has been caused to the aircraft or passengers. Samsung has been struggling with battery explosion issue on its latest Galaxy Note 7 smartphone and has already recalled around 2.5 million units sold globally while suspending the start of shipping in India and several other countries. But this is the Galaxy Note 2, launched way back in 2012.

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According to Reuters, the incident happened on an Indigo flight bound to Chennai from Singapore. DGCA is currently considering to advise all airlines to ask passengers to carry Samsung Note phones in switched off mode or avoid carrying them altogether. US FAA has already advised against carrying Galaxy Note 7 smartphones onboard US airlines. Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Etihad have also announced bans on carrying Galaxy Note 7 smartphone onboard. The DGCA advisory will surely been studied by other authorities in other countries as airline safety is always a top priority.

A Samsung spokesperson said: “We are aware of an incident involving one of our devices. At Samsung, customer safety is our highest priority. We are in touch with relevant authorities to gather more information and are looking into the matter.”

The DGCA is currently probing the Galaxy Note 2 fire and has summoned company officials. While it is unclear what caused the fire, it must be noted that Galaxy Note 2 is quite old.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with user replaceable battery, which could have decayed over the years and have led to explosion mid-air. Also, the user could have replaced the original battery with a cheap unauthorised cell. Samsung has confirmed battery issue with the latest Galaxy Note 7 and not older Galaxy models.