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Ola ‘relaunches’ S1 scooter at introductory price of Rs 99,999

Ola has reannounced the base-model S1 electric scooter. It will cost Rs 99,999 and customers can reserve the scooter for Rs 499 between August 15 and August 31.

Ola ELectric S1 scooter is pictured here with a river in the backgroundThe Ola S1 scooter will come in five colours: red, jet black, porcelain white, neo mint and liquid silver. (Image credit: Ola Electric)

Ola Electric has announced that it will begin delivering the base-model Ola S1 to customers, with a starting price of Rs 99,999.

The S1 is built on the same platform as the S1 Pro and will largely look the same as the flagship. The S1 will come with a 3 KWh battery that should give the scooter an ARAI-certified range of 141 kilometres. Its top speed will cap out at 95 kilometres per hour. Since it comes with the same Move OS as the S1 Pro, the Ola S1 will also come with many of the software features like music, navigation and reverse mode etc.

The Ola S1 scooter will come in two colours: red, jet black, porcelain white, neo mint and liquid silver. Between August 15 and August 31, customers can reserve the scooter for Rs 499. Reserving the scooter will give customers early access to the purchase window on September 1. The purchase window opens for all other customers on September 2 and Ola claims it will begin delivering scooters as early as September 7.

Ola Electric also announced a new extended warranty product which will let customers pay to extend their warranty up to 5 years. The warranty will cover the scooter’s battery, motor, electrical components and other standard parts. The company also announced that it will be expanding its Hypercharger network by adding more than 100 Hyperchargers across “the top fifty cities”.

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The company also claims that it is developing its own indigenously developed battery cells and that it will be deploying batteries made from these cells in its upcoming vehicles. It has also announced its upcoming EV car as well, which will launch in 2024.

First published on: 15-08-2022 at 17:58 IST
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