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Ola boosts customer privacy with mobile number masking

Drivers calling from their Ola device will not be able to see the customer's mobile number.

Taxi aggregator Ola today said that it has introduced number masking on its platform which will enable mobile numbers of customers to remain undisclosed to drivers. The aggregator has integrated a cloud telephony solution, which sends an encrypted number to the driver whenever a customer books a cab.

Drivers calling from their Ola device will not be able to see the customer’s mobile number but will automatically be routed through the encrypted number, the company said in a release. The number masking feature is active for driver-partners in all cities where Ola operates, it added.

With this, calls made by the driver-partners can be traced by Ola from archived recordings at all times, Ola said. The company’s driver-partners will not bear the cost of calls made to customers, since they would be routed directly through the device, the firm said and claimed that this was a first of its kind step in the industry towards ensuring complete privacy of user’s contact details. Ola had earlier said that it has set aside USD 20 million towards safety initiatives in the current year.

“The number masking feature brings enhanced privacy for users, reducing the risk of any untoward experience for them. While driver-partners can save on their calling costs, we will be able to closely monitor drivers behavior and conversations, resulting in a superior experience for users,” Ola COO Pranay Jivrajka said.