Microsoft Word gets AI-powered create to-do lists

Microsoft Word gets AI-powered create to-do lists

Microsoft Word gets AI-powered to-do list, the feature is available as a preview on Mac for Office Insiders (Fast level)

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Microsoft Word AI feature will now create to-do list automatically

Microsoft has announced new AI features in Word that will track unfinished notes in a document and turn into to-do lists. The feature is currently available on Mac for Office Insiders (Fast level) as a preview and it will be rolling out to all ‘Office 365 subscribers’ in the coming weeks.

The to-do lists feature which is a part of Editor, Word’s AI-powered writing assistant will help users to pick off in a Word document where they left and even allow inviting others to collaborate. Microsoft notes that while many Word users leave a placeholder in their document to ‘mark an area’ so that they can return later and stay in “flow,” this AI-based tool will help them work without breaking the flow by creating to-do lists automatically and filling these placeholders.

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Microsoft explains that if you type “TODO” or “<<insert closing here>>” in a Word document, Editor will recognise, track them and each as a to-do list. Once you return to the Word document you will see the “remaining” to-do list and clicking on a to-do item will directly navigate you to the right placeholder within the document.


In case you are working on a shared Word document and need help, you can simply type @mention followed by the name within the placeholder and they will be notified about the item with a “deep link.” The tagged person can take ‘action’ by replying to the email.

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Microsoft in its blog post notes that in the next few months Word will utilise Microsoft Search to suggest content for a to-do item. For instance, if you select a suggestion “<<insert chart of quarterly sales figures>>” you will be able to look for appropriate content from other documents and insert relevant information within your document.