Microsoft to show off ‘What’s next’ at a Surface event in Shanghai on May 23

Microsoft to show off ‘What’s next’ at a Surface event in Shanghai on May 23

Microsoft will host another Surface-related announcement. The event is scheduled to take place in Shanghai on May 23.

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Microsoft to host another hardware-related event on May 23. ( Image credit: Microsoft)

Just days after launching the Windows 10 S operating system and the Surface Laptop, Microsoft will host another Surface-related event.  The announcement will be made in Shanghai on May 23.

Microsoft’s VP of devices, Panos Panay went to Twitter and Instagram to tease the event, but there’s absolutely no details beyond the #Surface hashtag. Microsoft’s web page for the event just says that May 23, the company will “show the world what’s next” in Shanghai.

According to the Verge, however, Microsoft confirmed to the publication that it will reveal a new hardware. The company might launch the Surface Pro 5 at its China event, given that fact that the Surface Pro 4 was launched way back in 2015. Microsoft isn’t telling when it plans to release the successor to the Surface Pro 4, but several reports already suggest that the next-generation device will be launched soon.

Last month, technology blogger Paul Thurrott had said that the new 2-in-1 might not be a major revamp and could be more like a “Surface Pro 4.5”. It will reportedly feature Intel’s seventh-generation “Kaby Lake” processors and will reportedly use the same Surface Connect power connector.

Microsoft is holding the event in Shanghai, the location might mean that the announcement could be related to the Chinese market. Panos himself will be present at the event giving more air to the rumour that a major announcement is on the cards. It’s possible that Microsoft could unveil a Surface-branded smartphone. This  rumour has been recently backed up CEO Satya Nadella, who said that the next phone from the Redmond-based giant will not even resemble a typical smartphone.

Microsoft’s event will be held in Shanghai on May 23 at 7 pm local time. A live stream will be provided by the company.