Microsoft open sources PowerShell for Linux and OS X

Microsoft open sources PowerShell and makes one codebase for all operating systems.

By: Tech Desk | Updated: August 24, 2016 1:16:14 pm
Microsoft open sources PowerShell and makes one codebase for all OSes Microsoft open sources PowerShell and makes one codebase available across all operating systems. 

After bring Bash to Windows, Microsoft is now bringing PowerShell to Linux and OS X. Microsoft has announced that it will open source PowerShell, the command line shell for Windows power users. Microsoft PowerShell is a command-line based shell used for automating tasks and configuration management.

With PowerShell open source project, the codebase will be available on GitHub and come with MIT License. Microsoft says PowerShell will have one codebase for all operating systems going forward. People have used PowerShell to manage Windows for long and with Microsoft open sourcing it, PowerShell can be used across platforms to manage configurations and automate tasks.

Open sourcing PowerShell is part of CEO Satya Nadella’s vision of Microsoft being open to its customers and providing its tools across platforms and services. Microsoft last month open sourced its .NET framework and made .NET Core available for Linux and OS X users. PowerShell built on .NET is available across platforms.

With customers deploying clients, servers and clouds of their choice, Microsoft wants them to use PowerShell as the single management stack.

Microsoft wants PowerShell to be a first class citizen on Linux. The company is also bringing the PowerShell Editor Service so Linux users can build support for it right into their text editors (including Visual Studio Code and Sublime). PowerShell is also extensible to third party services like Chef, Amazon Web Services, VMware and Google.

With Microsoft’s PowerShell open source platform, the Redmond-based software major wants to be on every possible platform.

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