Microsoft puts Android apps porting tool on hold indefinitely: report

Microsoft puts Android apps porting tool on hold indefinitely: report

Microsoft is indefinitely dropping its Android app porting tool while it works on iOS apps porting tool

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Microsoft has dropped its plans to build an Android porting tool citing piracy concerns

At Build 2015, Microsoft announced grand plans to bring iOS and Android apps to its platform by offering porting tools to developers, plans that are now on hold, according to a report by The Verge,

Microsoft plans to act on its iOS porting tool but the Android tool has “been put on hold indefinitely.” According to Windows Central, Microsoft is dropping this plan owing to app piracy concerns.

When Microsoft announced software bridges for emulating iOS and Android apps, it didn’t really go down well with Microsoft’s developer community. Microsoft basically built an emulator that would run Android apps right from the APK form directly. Developers had nothing much to do and it also raised concerns of app piracy becoming more prevalent.


The Verge report notes that performance-related issues and security concerns is why the porting tool has been stopped. While iOS apps use Objective C which involve Microsoft-supported programming languages; Android apps were based on emulation and Windows Central says, it could have led to legal and technical issues.

While Android apps may not be coming to Windows ecosystem anytime soon, Microsoft can  deliver on iOS porting tools and create a wider ecosystem of third-party apps.