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Lensa AI is a new AI-powered photo editor to help create the avatar of your dreams

Lensa AI is the latest app that can create customised avatars using artificial intelligence and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

One of the custom avatar created using Lensa AI app (Image Credit: Lensa AI instagram)

AI seems to take taking the internet by storm these days. From services like OpenAI’s ChatGPT that can instantly create conversational style content to  Lensa AI, which is an app that can create custom avatars using your pictures in just a click of a button, artificial intelligence is set to make human life easy. Lensa AI is an app from Prisma Lab, a company known for apps like Prisma and Skim auto video editor.

Using Lensa, one can edit photos, make videos, and create art using AI-powered tools. Do note that, one needs to pay an annual subscription fee of Rs 2,499 to access all the features of Lensa AI. Similarly, you can also there is also a weekly and a monthly subscription plan for Rs 249 and Rs 419, respectively.

How Lensa AI works?

Lensa uses AI tools to create custom avatars and one needs to be at least 18 years of age to use this app. Users need to upload at least 10 to 20 selfie pictures, which will be uploaded to Lensa’s server to create custom avatars. Lensa AI claims that all the photos that have been uploaded to its servers will be deleted as soon as the avatars are ready. One needs to upload at least 10 to 20 selfies to get the best results from the Lensa AI app.

A screenshot from Lensa AI app from an iPhone.

One can either get an annual subscription or buy 50 unique avatars for Rs 349 or 100 unique avatars for Rs 549 or 200 unique avatars for Rs 699. Lensa AI claims that it requires tremendous computational power to create avatars, hence it is a bit expensive. As a part of the free plan, Lensa AI can offer up to three photos per day and can also be used for generating videos with the Lensa watermark. As a part of the free plan, you can use features like magic retouch and background object remover.

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Lensa AI is definitely a great tool that can give your selfies and photos a fresh perspective. Although most of its features are limited to paid users, free users can still get to test various capabilities of the Lensa AI app to give them an idea of the various features that it offers.

Lensa AI is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Users can download the app from Apple App Store and Google Play Store for free. If you are looking for a modern photo and video editor with AI capabilities, then Lensa AI is definitely the one app that you should try.

First published on: 04-12-2022 at 18:08 IST
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