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Here’s how you can add animated text to your Instagram Stories to glam them up

If the default text options on Instagram stories are too boring for you, then these 7 snazzy animated fonts have got you covered.

instagram fonts

When you’ve nailed it in the photography department or have great content to offer, the next trick to make your Instagram Stories stand out is using the right decoration. Instagram offers some great customisation features right off the bat for your stories – filters, stickers, GIFs, you name it. Then there are a number of fonts. But if you felt that those font options are too limited, or if you wish to make your stories stand out, then we’ve got you covered.

Open up your Instagram, head to the stories section, snap/upload something, and click on the stickers icon. You’ve probably already used the section to add cute stickers and GIFs to your stories. But did you know that the same section can also be used to add animated text to your stories? Just type in the font names we’ve given below into the search field, use one of the fonts to add text, and watch as your stories come to life.

Fire alphabet

Fire alphabet font (Express photo)

Fire alphabet is a super-attractive font that’s also fairly minimal at the same time. Just as the name implies, your text will be on fire, complete with an animated flame effect. The minimal nature of the font makes it ideal for all kinds of stories.


Giphabet font (Express photo)

Giphabet is quite over the top with all those colourful, moving animals twisted strenuously into text. Do note that it does not have a complete character set, meaning that several alphabets are missing – and its funky nature limits its use cases.

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Animafont (Express photo)

Animafont is stylish, bold, and quite the eye-catcher. It’s animated – but not too animated – which makes it one of the most readable on this list.


Aakkoset has got a strong party vibe going on for itself, making it very ideal to wish someone a happy birthday. The characters even look like they’re inspired by colourful, alphabetical birthday candles.


Carnelevare font (Express photo)

Carnelevare may not score too high on readability, thanks to snazzy animations that alternate between the uppercase and lowercase versions of each alphabet. But they are guaranteed to hold the eyes of the story viewer for a bit longer (it has nothing to do with poor legibility, we swear!).



This Alphabet pendant-inspired font is perfect for romantic uses with letters that shine as they oscillate.


If you are fond of Noir Hollywood movies, then Lightbox will look familiar to you with its lightbulb font-inspired look that looks like it was pulled straight from a ‘50s cinema hall’s sign board. Use the font when you wish to add a touch of luxury to your story.

First published on: 07-12-2022 at 18:35 IST
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