Google’s car accident with a bus captured on video, well sort of

A video of Google's self-driving car getting into an accident with a public bus in Silicon Valley is now available publicly.

By: Tech Desk | Published: March 10, 2016 12:10:18 pm
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On February 14, 2016, a Google self-driving car (a Lexus car with the self-driving sensors and software) had an accident with a public bus in Silicon Valley. The accident itself didn’t cause any injuries, and Google had accepted some responsibility for the same.

Now the Associated Press has put out a video of the ‘accident’, if one can call it that. The video doesn’t make quite apparent what happened; in the beginning you can see from the CCTV camera in the bus that, up ahead on the road there’s the Lexus-Google self-driving car, about to move left.

The bus, however doesn’t stop, and hits the Lexus. At one point, the camera in the back, sort of shows the bus hitting the Lexus as well, but the passengers don’t seem too bothered by that. In the end, the driver is seen calling up someone to inform of the accident.

Google had at the time accepted some responsibility for the collision. According to the report, Google’s car intended to turn right off a major boulevard, when it detected sandbags around a storm drain at the intersection.

The Lexus needed to slide to its left within the right lane to get around the obstruction and was going at 2 mph (3 kmph) when it made the move. That’s when it hit the bus, which was going straight at 15 mph (24 kmph).

Read the full DMV report describing the accident here.

Watch the video below

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