Google may showcase its next-generation standalone VR headset at I/O Keynote: Report

Google may showcase its next-generation standalone VR headset at I/O Keynote: Report

Google's next-generation virtual reality launch may just be a standalone VR headset and the unveiling might just happen on Wednesday at company's annual developer conference.

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Google’s anticipated next-generation virtual reality headset is expected to unveil on Wednesday at company’s annual developer conference.

Google may preview its next-generation virtual reality headset, which it had been reportedly developing from more than a year now, at its annual developer conference this week. This means they were working on this even when Daydream VR was released.

A report in, quoted multiple sources with knowledge of the project as suggesting this next-generation virtual reality headset will be a standalone mobile VR device with ‘inside-out tracking’ as a key feature. This would essentially mean it will not require a phone to work.

Facebook showed off inside-out tracking concept with a standalone VR prototype called Santa Cruz at Oculus Connect last year. Even HTC is building a VR on the tracking concept meant to cut the cables.

The search giant has reportedly filed for a trademark at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) with name ‘Worldsense’. The May 9, 2017 filing, found by Android Police, says it relates to computer hardware, computer software and virtual reality headsets.


At the I/O 2017 Keynote, Google is expected to give developers a ‘limited preview’ of the anticipated high-end headset before its commercial release later in the year. But that’s not confirmed, and the company can scrap the unveiling altogether and instead focus on its existing Daydream VR platform.

Google’s developer conference is being held in Mountain View from May 17 to 19. You can also watch livestream of the Keynote through Google’s Developer YouTube Channel at 10 am local time or 10:30 pm IST. For users on iOS and Android, Google has rolled out its official app called Google I/O 2017 to watch the event live directly on mobile.