Google Assistant now available on iPhone

Google Assistant now available on iPhone

Google Assistant, company's AI-based voice assistant will now be available for iPhones.

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Google Assistant, company’s AI-based voice assistant will now be available for iPhones.

Google Assistant, the search giant’s artificial intelligence-based voice assistant, will now be available for iPhones. Currently, Google Assistant is being used on over 100 million Android devices worldwide. At

While Apple already has the Siri intelligent assistant, the first of its kind in the world, the Google Assistant might challenge it to a certain extent, while offering iOS users some choice. However, since Google Assistant will not have the native integration of Siri, it unlikely to replace the Apple assistant.

At Google I/O 2017, Scott Huffman, Vice President, Assistant said Google Assistant is now more conversational as it can understand natural languages. Further, he explains that almost 70 per cent requests made to Google Assistant are in natural languages and not keywords. The Assistant can now understand contextual meaning of requests made to it to provide meaningful responses. Additionally, Google has rolled out the ability to type to Assistant.

Soon, Google Assistant users will be able to have a conversation based on what they see via Google Lens app. Users can simply point their smartphone camera at a subject and ask the Assistant for relevant information about it. According to Huffman, Google Assistant can instantly recognise what a user is looking at and offer related suggestions.

Google Assistant is rolling out in French, German, Brazilian, Portuguese and more languages.


Finally, Actions on Google Assistant will now support transactions. This means users can pay for services without leaving Google Assistant. For example, users can order food from a restaurant of their choice, and check-out by paying wit Google. Users will need to use their fingerprint to authenticate transactions.

Google has already announced that Assistant will roll out to non-Pixel devices as well, starting with the Nexus phones. The Assistant can now do a lot more like confirm calendar bookings, suggest a restaurant close by, or even play games with the user.