Google Chrome OS could soon run all Android apps on Play Store: report

Google's Chrome OS could soon run all Android apps from the Play Store, as developers have spotted a new setting.

By: Tech Desk | Published: April 25, 2016 1:59:15 pm
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Google’s Chrome OS will soon run all Android apps from the Play Store, according to posts on Reddit, which revealed a new setting in Chromebooks.

A Reddit user by the name TheWiseYoda posted the screenshots on the website, where one of the settings option allows a user to run Android apps from the Play Store. The setting incidentally disappeared after a few seconds, but source code from Chromimum and Github also appears to confirm that a future setting will let users run these apps. Check out screenshots of the same here.

As this post on ArsTechnica notes Google had earlier launched App RunTime for Chrome (ARC) which allowed for select developers to port their Android apps to Chrome OS, but the new feature means that all apps on Android Play Store will soon run on Chrome OS.

It will also bump up the usability of Chromebooks for many users given that the number of apps on Chrome Web Store is currently limited. It also raises questions on the future of the Web Store itself.

While Google has not yet confirmed about the new upcoming feature, it is likely that more details will be revealed at the upcoming I/O conference in May.

Where the Chrome OS and Android merger goes, there have been many reports claiming that Google is working on something across these lines. In December 2015, Wall Street Journal had reported that Google plans to merge its Chrome OS with Android.

According to the report, Google engineers have been working on the plan for the last two years and the new single OS will be launched in 2017, although an early build could be revealed by 2016.  It also said that the new version will give Chromebook users access to the Play Store, and based on the latest screenshots this could happen pretty soon.

Google launched two budget Chromebooks in May last year in India, priced at Rs 12,999 each, which were manufactured by Xolo and Nexian.

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