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Friday, July 20, 2018

Forget 4K: In Japan, Olympics will be broadcast in 8K resolution

In Japan, they have already moved on from 4K to 8K or as the Japanese public broadcaster NHK calls it 'Super Hi-Vision.'

By: Tech Desk | Published: August 4, 2016 5:58:26 pm
Japan, Japan 8K, Japan 8K broadcast, Japan NHK, Japan NHK 8K broadcasting, NHK broadcasting, 8K vs 4K in Japan, Japan 8K channel, technology, technology news Japan is moving on to 8K broadcasting for Rio Olympics. 

Wondering if it’s time to buy a 4K TV ? In Japan, they have already moved on from 4K to 8K or as the Japanese public broadcaster NHK calls it ‘Super Hi-Vision.’ While 4K resolution is around 4096×2160, 8K or “Super Hi Vision” is at 7680 x 4320 pixels, making it four times sharper than regular 4K and 16 times sharper than the regular 1080p full HD resolution.

According to NHK’s own website, the broadcaster has started testing this next generation of television technology from this month, and the purpose is to test and validate the technology behind the “Super Hi Vision.” The Verge reports NHK will be installing viewing stations around the country, and plans to showcases footage from Rio Olympics. The reason is that no one has the equipment to receive the 8K content and signal in their homes, just yet.

NHK’s website says they expect full scale broadcasting in 8K to start by 2018, and is looking to boost this specifically by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Super Hi vision channel will have both 4K and 8K content, and allows for 22.2 channel audio as well.

NHK’s website also says they expect commercial manufacturers in the future to provide 8K tuner, to let users experience such content at their homes as well. While August will be specially dedicated to Rio Olympics, NHK will also have drama, nature, history, art, travel, music shows in the 8K Super Hi vision resolution.

While Japan is moving on to 8K, in India 4K is slowly gaining popularity with more manufacturers introducing television sets which support the resolution. Dedicated 4K channels and content are also coming up in India. In 2015, TataSky and d2h were broadcasting select matches of the ICC Cricket World Cup in 4K resolution. Both TataSky and d2h offer dedicated 4K set-top boxes in India, which stream content in Ultra HD format. However in India buying a 4K TV is still expensive, with the minimum cost being close to Rs 37,000 onwards. Brands like Sony, LG cost much more with their 4K resolution TV.

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