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Elon Musk completes Twitter takeover: Here are his top 5 tweets on what’s next

The Tesla CEO has some really grand plans for the platform aside from defeating spam bots

TWITTER FEATUREDElon Musk has completed his $44bn takeover of Twitter, according to US media and an investor in the firm.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk today took over Twitter and sacked several top executives he had accused earlier of misleading him. This came ahead of the Friday deadline to complete his acquisition of the company. Musk has some really lofty plans for the platform, which he’s outlined to investors and his 110.5 million-strong Twitter army. These include defeating spam bots that have plagued the platform (well, at least according to him), preventing it from becoming an “echo chamber” for hate, and making it as “broadly inclusive” as possible.

A lot of these plans have been talked about on the platform he’s just taken over, and today we take a look at the top 5 tweets that clue us in about where Twitter’s headed.

“Dear Twitter Advertisers”

Elon Musk’s been pretty vague so far to his followers and has provided little to no details on exactly how he’s planning on achieving his vision for Twitter. Perhaps the clearest he’s ever been was with a tweet addressed to advertisers where he justified the acquisition saying it was never about profits, and laid bare his plans on making the platform a better place for all.  He stressed that advertising on the platform needs to be relevant, noting that, “Low relevancy ads are spam, but highly relevant ads are actually content!”

Greater inclusivity

Elon Musk believes that opening up Twitter more will allow a wider range of beliefs to be debated on the platform in a healthier manner — even if they turn bitter sometimes — rather than in the real world where things often turn violent. For this to happen the platform should be made as “broadly inclusive” as possible, the new ‘Chief Twit’ tweeted. However, in his tweet to advertisers he also made it clear that he does not intend for Twitter to become a “free-for-all hellscape.”

Free speech

Elon’s continual rants about how Twitter’s been crushing the spirit of free speech, particularly when it involves opinions from the right, has won him the admiration of free-speech absolutists. Many have been looking forward to the acquisition, and Elon perhaps pointing toward the freer days to come now that the takeover is complete tweeted the following:

Free speech but within the boundaries of the law

Since Elon Musk turned free speech absolutist, many people have expressed their concern over the fact that Twitter might turn into an unmoderated platform following the takeover. To clarify that, Musk offered an explanation back in April. He had added saying that he hopes even his “worst critics remain on Twitter because that is what free speech means.”

He had said that the ‘free speech’ will be one which matches the law, and that censorship which goes above and beyond the law was not correct. He has also been critical of decisions to ban former US President Donald Trump.


Clearing out spam bots

Aside from opening up the platform, Elon Musk has long been trying to bring attention to Twitter’s alleged bot problem. The Tesla CEO during the early days following his offer to buy Twitter suggested that bots have the power to swing public opinion and that they must be cleared out.

Musk has been very aggressive in his criticism of Twitter over the spam bot issue and accused former CEO Parag Agrawal of misleading him. He has also agreed with other researchers who showed that nearly 20 per cent of Twitter’s user base might be fake.

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First published on: 28-10-2022 at 13:04 IST
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