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Digital transformation of the workplace: How Infosys is tackling this challenge

As work from home (WFH) and hybrid workforce models become the new norm, companies such as Infosys also need to ensure productivity and security. Here's how they are meeting this challenge.

Infosys, Infosys Microsoft, Microsoft digital workplace, Digital workplace transformationA look at how Infosys is taking on the challenge of digital transformation of the workplace. (Image credit: Reuters)

The pandemic has pushed for a digital transformation at all workplaces globally. As work from home (WFH) and hybrid workforce models become the new norm, companies such as Infosys also need to ensure productivity and security.

But how do they meet the new challenges of the post-pandemic workplace? Rajesh Varrier, Senior Vice-President and Head of Digital Experience & Microsoft Business at Infosys, explained in an email interaction. Below is an edited version of the responses.

What are the challenges in maintaining security for businesses such as Infosys with work from home being the norm now?

As part of the remote work and work from home (WFH) policy, Infosys implemented systems and processes governing information security and IT infrastructure catering to the organisation’s remote workforce much earlier than the pandemic when WFH became the new norm. A holistic review of the existing environment paved an easy way to scale out the infrastructure to meet the augmented demands of work from home.

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With a hybrid workforce, how can companies drive productivity for employees?

Hybrid workplace models are here to stay. Going forward the platforms, processes and policies will need to continue to accommodate the global workforce which is working from various locations. There are a number of aspects that can help sustain and drive workplace productivity of a hybrid workforce.

Also by deploying platforms such as Infosys Meridian, which is a Live Enterprise workplace platform that helps companies reimagine experiences in the work-from-anywhere era, and Microsoft Teams to enable seamless digital collaboration across the hybrid workforce and drive productivity.

Infosys, Infosys Microsoft, Microsoft digital workplace, Digital workplace transformation, Hybrid work models, Hybrid workspaces Rajesh Varrier, Senior Vice-President and Head of Digital Experience & Microsoft Business at Infosys.

Workplace analytics is another critical element that will help organisations get insights and a real-time pulse of employee productivity and experience so that they can learn and evolve their workplace as they go along.

We also see conversational AI (Bots / Virtual assistants) playing a big part in offloading and automating some of the mundane tasks as well as enabling employees with real-time access to information and knowledge across the organisation thereby enhancing their productivity.

How has Infosys transformed the workplace?

Infosys had started on the digital transformation of the internal workplace before the pandemic by digitising the entire journey of employees from the time they are onboarded till they exit the organisation.


It covers the entire “Hire to Retire” employee journey in just four platforms – “Launchpad” for employee onboarding, “InfyME” for employee services and experience platform, “LEX” for digital learning, and “Meridian” for collaboration and virtual events. This helped Infosys immensely during the pandemic to quickly adapt to remote working and the emerging hybrid work model.

Leveraging this internal transformation experience, Infosys now offers Infosys Experience Platforms to our enterprise clients to deliver a rich digital experience to their employees working anytime anywhere, on any device. This coupled with our end-end digital workplace services across work, workplace and workforce enables clients in their transformation journey to the future of work.

What are the biggest workplace challenges in a post-pandemic world?

Some of the key challenges we foresee in the post-pandemic world are around…

* Employee’s well-being (fatigue from virtual meetings, webinars, WFH)
* Maintaining social capital by transforming office spaces into collaboration spaces
* Adapting to a gig and skill-based economy
* Information security – organisations need to ensure adequate access controls and cyber threat management are enabled to protect sensitive information, assets, and devices.


How is Microsoft helping drive this workplace transformation at Infosys?

Infosys uses products from several partners including Microsoft technologies and our own custom-built ones as mentioned earlier. We use a combination of these products to transform our workplace experience. Microsoft technologies play a very important role in our workplace, as we use Microsoft 365 modern workplace platform. We also extensively partner with Microsoft in helping our enterprise clients with their workplace transformation journey.

First published on: 21-12-2021 at 15:23 IST
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