Chennai has the fastest 4G video load time among IPL cities: Report

Chennai has the fastest 4G video load time among IPL cities: Report

Chennai emerges as the IPL city with the fastest 4G Video Load Time while Thiruvananthapuram tops the chart with 5.8 seconds time of average loading time.

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Opensignal 4G Video Load Time rating puts Chennai on top of IPL cities. (Image source: IPL)

As the Indian Premier League is coming to a close, mobile analytics firm Opensignal has released 4G Video Load Time across Indian cities. With an average load time of six seconds, Chennai emerges as the IPL city with the fastest 4G Video Load Time for IPL match. IPL City here refers to cities where there are IPL teams.

However, the overall city with fastest load time is Thiruvananthapuram with 5.8 seconds, pushing Chennai to second place. The 4G Video Load Time is the measure of the average time taken for a mobile video to load and for the picture to start moving, according to OpenSignal.

The shorter the video load time, the better it is for IPL enthusiasts who will be streaming the series finals soon on their smartphone. Among the IPL cities, after Chennai, Kolkata has the fastest 4G Video Load Time with an average of 6.2 seconds taken to stream the video. Third spot is taken by Hyderabad with an average load time of 6.4 seconds, fourth spot is shared by Bangalore and Chandigarh (Mohali) with 6.7 seconds, fifth is Mumbai with 7 seconds, Delhi is at sixth with 7.1 seconds and Jaipur holds the seventh spot with an average 4G Video Load Time of 7.6 seconds.

Opensignal measured the 4G Video Load Time for a total of 50 cities across India. Based on the data collected between January 1, 2019, to March 30, 2019, the majority of the cities registered an average load time between six and seven seconds.


However two cities — Vasai-Virar and Kota — registered an average 4G Video Load Time above eight seconds.

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The report mentions that all four of the country’s key 4G operators scored a fair rating, which it says is an improvement on the Poor ranking they received during the last analysis six months ago. But a fair rating on Opensignal’s chart means that load times are sluggish; stops and stutters mid-stream are common.

It noted that as of now the connections often have trouble coping with higher-resolution formats. As per Opensignal’s Mobile Network Experience report, India’s video experience is moving in the right direction. Opensignal says, “The mobile video experience in India is getting better, but there is still an awful lot of room for improvement.”