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Thursday, November 26, 2020

WWDC 2015 as it happened: Proactive assistance in iOS 9, Apple Music service unveiled

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Written by Shruti Dhapola | Updated: June 9, 2015 3:22:39 pm
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WWDC, Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference opens tonight at 10.30 pm India Time in San Francisco. Apple CEO Tim Cook will be opening the keynote address where the Cupertino-based tech giant is expected to show off the next iOS, OS X and other services.

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What we know for sure is that iOS 9, which is the next version of the OS for iPhones, iPads will be revealed. In terms of design, one should not expect too many changes, and the focus will be on stability and efficiency. According to rumours, iOS 9 will run smoothly on older iPhones and iPads.  It has also been rumoured that the iPad will now support “dual-app viewing mode,” along with multi-user logins.

In addition to this HomeKit, the app for smart homes revealed in iOS 8 will be renamed Home. There’s also a good chance that Siri will look a lot like the colourful version in the Apple Watch and Apple will add ‘Proactive’ a more powerful search assistant to iOS 9 which could be the next Google Now challenger. Whether Siri finally makes an appearance on OS X also remains to be seen. Apple Pay could also get a ‘reward’ programme.


In addition to this, Apple Maps is rumoured to get a transit feature that will allows users to navigate subways, bus services, train routes using the app.

With OS X 10.11, the focus will bug fixes, optimization improvements, and security enhancements. In terms of security, the biggest feature that could be offered is called “rootless”, which is a new kernel level security system to protect Macs against malware. Also any connections with non-trusted WiFi routers could be a highly encrypted connection, say reports.

Also Apple is expected to launch a new Beats Music streaming service which will be deeply integrated with iOS, iTunes, and the Apple TV. We will be tracking the event live so follow our blog for details.

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12.51 am: Tim Cook back on stage. Apple has a music performance to wrap this. On stage, it’s ‘The Weeknd.’

12.47 am: Siri will also work with Apple Music service. Apple Music is coming on June 30 for iOS. Apple Music will be free for first three months and then its $9.99 per month. Also Apple Music will be rolling out to Android as well.

12.28 am: Eddie Cue on stage talking about Apple Music. He’s explaining the features like For You, which will show music based on your tastes. Beats One will be available worldwide and will be broadcast 24×7 live.

Artists can also post, publish including to their Facebook, Twitter accounts via the Connect feature of Apple Music to reach out to their fans. Now musician Drake on stage to talk about Apple Music’s Connect Feature.

We’re getting a demo of Apple Music on stage. Users will have to tell Apple Music what kind of music they like and the app will make recommendations based on what you pick and what you’ve bought on iTunes. Also there are music videos on Apple Music but with no ads.

12.18 am: Jimmy Iovine is now on stage to talk about Apple Music. He’s talking about how fragmented the music industry is in 2015 with so many streaming services. Apple Music will have all the music  in one place, even from new artists who have not been signed by any big label. They too will be able to share their music on Apple Music.

Also there is a Beats One Radio station which will  be broadcast from three cities, which will be live in 100 countries. Not sure if too many people will care for a global radio services. Iovine says Apple Music will give you the “right music at the right time” and is curated by experts.

12.15 am: Tim Cook is now back on stage. And one more thing is back as well. Get ready for the Music service. Apple Music is announced.


12.07 am:  Developers will be able to move the app logic to the Apple Watch itself with watchOS 2.  Developers will get access to the microphone, speakers, NativeHealthKit in the Apple Watch. Also app developers will get access to accelerometer, the Taptic engine. WatchOS 2 is available from today along with the new tools. Final roll-out to the public will be in fall 2015.

12.05 am: Users can now rely on Siri to start and end work out sessions on the Apple Watch. Also Apple’s Wallet is coming to Apple Watch, as is the Apple Transit system.

11.59 pm: Native apps are coming to watchOS. New Timepiece functions which will let you pick a picture or even time-lapse video as the background for your Apple Watch. Complications will let you choose from a variety on information you wish to see on your Apple Watch face.  Time Travel mode lets you go forward and back upto 72 hours in the Apple Watch.  Also now when Apple Watch is on its side and charging, it will automatically go into Nightstand mode.


11.57 pm: The video finally ends. Really long and a little too emotional. And now it’s moving on to WatchOS for Apple Watch.  

11.50 pm: Tim Cook back on stage. Talks about App Store and how it has crossed 100 billion app downloads. According to Apple, they’ve paid  more than $30 billion to developers thanks to the App Store. Now there’s a video tribute to App developers.

11.46 pm:  Apple says Swift 2, their programming language, will now be open-source. Developer and Public Beta will be there. Public Beta will be in July. Also all devices supported by iOS 8 will be supported by iOS 9.

11.45 pm: CarPlay will now support apps by car makers as well.

11.43 pm: New features getting added to HealthKit and HomeKit as well. Users can also access their Home devices via iCloud remotely and securely now.

11.40 pm: iOS 9 improves battery life with low-battery mode. Promises additional 3 hours of battery if you’re running low. Also iOS 9 will just need 1.3 GB to update. Also Apple has introduced two-factor authentication to the Apple ID.

11.36 pm: Picture-in-picture lets you float and resize videos around on your iPad while you work on other apps. Sadly anyone not on an iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina Display won’t get to use SlideOver. Apple just made the other iPads feel really outdated.


11.33 pm: Apple finally brings multi-tasking to iPad. SlideOver: Users can just swipe in from the side to bring in another app.  Split View allows two apps to be open and active at the same time on the same screen.


11.31 pm: Now moving on to the iPad. One new feature in iOS 9 for iPad is QuickType feature, which adds shortcuts to let you cut, copy paste, etc. Also if you put two fingers down on the keyword on the iPad, it becomes a trackpad.

11.24 pm: Apple is also announcing a ‘News App’ for iOS. And we have another woman on the stage, Susan Prescott. News will create a personalised news feed based on what you pick. Is this Apple’s version of its very take on ‘instant articles’ that Facebook has been trying to create? Ok not sure what is so revolutionary about news. It looks a lot like the other apps out there. But Flipboard might just be worried after seeing this. Apple announcing a list of publishers who have signed up with them in News.

News will roll-out in US, UK and Australia


11.20 pm: Apple Maps to feature Transit. Emphasises transit lines, trains, buses, etc. Apple will provide step-by-step direction along with walking time.  Maps can even survey the entrances and exits of a station so you can find the quickest way in and out. Transit is coming to cities in the US, and interestingly China as well.


11.19 pm: Notes will also get an improvement in Apple’s iOS 9. You can draw and add sketches. In addition to this, users can add photos. Also add links.


11.15 pm: Pinterest to launch buyable pins which can be bought using Apple Pay on iOS. Also Apple Pay is coming to the UK next month. Users will also be able to add store reward cards to their Apply Pay app. Also Apple’s Passbook is now going to be called Wallet.


11.14 pm: And now Jennifer Bailey on stage talking about Apple Pay. Apple Pay is coming to Forever 21, Dunkin Donuts, Lego, etc.  Apple Pay will be accepted at over 1 million locations in the US next month. That’s four times the number at launch.

11.12 pm: Apple talking about Proactive Assistant is private and is not shared with third-party apps.


11.10 pm: Another new feature in iOS 9: A little tool at the bottom of the photos to scrub through them in one go.

11.08 pm: Apple announces new Proactive Assistant which will basically give information based on context. The Google Now challenger that was talked about by the leaks. Apple announces API for search as well. You can now tell Siri to set a reminder. Proactive will also automatically add invites, etc to your calendar without a user having to tap and do it themselves.

You can now also search in natural language on Siri as well.


11.05 pm: And we are now moving to iOS 9. Craig Federighi talking about Apple will be improving Siri in iOS 9. “Siri takes over 1 billion requests a week. And on iOS 9, Siri is up to 40% faster and 40% more accurate,” says Apple.

11.00 pm: El Capitan is available to developers today. Public Beta in July. Rolling out in Fall.

10.53 pm: Federighi announces that Metal, which was announced with iOS 8 last year, will be coming to Macs. Apple is promising up to 40 per cent rendering efficiency for graphics rendering. Epic games is now on stage to give us demo of Metal on Macs.


10.50 pm: Split-view comes to El-Captain. Mission Control interface has improved, as has the NotePad app.

10.45 pm: You can now just use ‘natural language’ to search for mail, files in El Capitan. Search for phrases like ‘Files I was working on last June’ and the Finder will show the results.

10.42 pm: Apple’s Craig Federighi is on stage starting with OS X. Yosemite had the fastest adoption rate for any PC OS.  New name for OS X is El Capitan. A lot more gestures on the trackpad. You can now pin sites to Safari. Pinned sites will show in one place in Safari and they open instantly. Also Safari will now let to stop auto-audio from playing when you have multiple tabs open.

10.40 pm: So what’s coming up? OS X, iOS 9 and a new version of WatchOS to help woo more app developers, says Tim Cook. Tim Cook is not giving out any numbers, and all he has to say is ‘Everything is going great.’

10.30 pm: Ok so Apple’s WWDC event is live with a real-long and weird video. Abed from Community is on stage rapping. Now Tim Cook is on stage. In a first, Apple is also streaming live key note sessions from the conference.

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