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Apple WWDC 2022 Highlights: New M2 MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2, iOS 16 and more

Apple WWDC 2022 Highlights: A new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro powered by the M2 processor have been revealed. Apple also showcased iOS 16, watchOS 9 and macOS Ventura.

Apple WWDC 2022 keynoteApple WWDC 2022 highlights: Apple iOS 16 is here and the company also showcased its new MacBook Air (Image Source: Apple)

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2022 (WWDC)’s opening keynote is now over. The WWDC conference will continue till June 10. Apple has showcased iOS 16, which is getting a revamped Lock Screen with new features, improved dictation and updates for the Messages app. It also revealed watchOS 9 which comes with new activity features, improvements to workout and ability to track medications as well. There was also macOS Ventura, which comes with better multi-tasking. The new iPadOS 16 also comes with improved multi-tasking thanks to the Stage Manager feature also seen on macOS 13.

But most importantly, Apple confirmed its M2 processor and two new laptops: the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro. The M2 is next-gen of Apple’s silicon with a 5 nanometer design. The M2 chipset can handle a maximum of 24GB of unified memory. The 2022 MacBook Air will run the M2 chipset and comes with a new design. Apple has also showcased a new MacBook Pro (13-inch) with the new M2 processor. The new Macs will come to India by next month.  The MacBook Air with M2 starts at Rs 1,19,900.

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Apple WWDC 2022 keynote event Highlights: iOS 16, macOS 13, new MacBook Air, watchOS 9 and more

00:23 (IST)07 Jun 2022
Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro India prices are out

Apple says the new MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro will be available in select Apple Authorised Resellers, next month. There's no fixed date. Apple's MacBook Air with M2 starts at Rs 119,900 and Rs 109,900 for education. The 512GB storage option for the MacBook Air will cost Rs 1,49,900.The 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 starts at Rs 129,900 and Rs 119,900 for education. The 512GB MacBook Pro costs Rs 1,49,900 as well. The 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter will be available for Rs 5,800. 

00:17 (IST)07 Jun 2022
And that's it.. Or is it?

We're back to Tim Cook. All of the key annoucements are over. The developer betas will be available later today. Public betas for the new software will role out later. 

00:14 (IST)07 Jun 2022
Apple iPadOS 16: Virtual RAM on iPads

Apple iPadOS 16 will allow users to rely on virtual memory swap. This will let users rely on iPad storage as extra RAM for apps that need it. Stage Manager is also coming to the iPadOS 16. 

00:13 (IST)07 Jun 2022
Apple iPadOS 16

Apple is rolling out a lot of features for iPadOS 16. Apple is bringing customisable toolbars, the ability to change extensions in the Files folder, Navigation buttons in Files app, etc. There's also the option to find and merge contacts, the ability to create lists in contacts, the undo/redo option across the system. 

00:04 (IST)07 Jun 2022
Apple WWDC 2022: Time for iPadOS 16

Apple's iPadOS 16. The weather app is coming to iPad. Apple is also announcing WeatherKit to allow developers to built weather into their apps. Collaborate is an interesting feature. Users will be able to share a document, spreadsheet with a select group who can then automatically collaborate on the same. Apple says Collaborate will come to iOS 16 and macOS as well. 

23:59 (IST)06 Jun 2022
Apple WWDC: Continuity is coming to FaceTime

Apple is extending the Continuity feature to FaceTime. This will let users join a call from the device that same right. Apple is also bringing Continuity Camera to let users rely on their iPhone camera as a web camera for their Mac. No plugging in required. 

23:59 (IST)06 Jun 2022
Apple WWDC: Continuity is coming to FaceTime

Apple is extending the Continuity feature to FaceTime. This will let users join a call from the device that same right. Apple is also bringing Continuity Camera to let users rely on their iPhone camera as a web camera for their Mac. No plugging in required. 

23:52 (IST)06 Jun 2022
macOS Ventura: Safari is getting 'Shared Tabs' Groups

This will let users shared a set of tabs with their friends. This could be useful if you are planning a trip together or doing research on any topics, etc. Apple is also showcasing PassKeys which will replace Passwords. These are cryptographic keys created for a website. Apple says these cannot be phished or leaked. Users can create these with Touch ID. PassKeys will be available on Macs, iPhone and iPads. They will work seamlessly across platforms and websites, according to Apple. 

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23:48 (IST)06 Jun 2022
macOS: Mail app

Mail app will now let you undo any sent email. Users will also be able to schedule an email as well. Apple is overhauling search on the mail as well to make it more comprehensive. 

23:45 (IST)06 Jun 2022
Apple WWDC: Time for macOS Ventura

Yes, the new version of macOS is called macOS Ventura. There's a new Stage Manager feature letting users focus on the app they are using without distractions. All other windows gets arranged to the side when you turn on Stage Manager. Looks a lot more manageable. Anyone who has had 500 apps open at one go will obviously appreciate this Stage Manager feature. 

23:42 (IST)06 Jun 2022
Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro prices

Apple MacBook Air with M2 starts at $1099, while the MacBook Pro with M2 starts at $1299. The older M1 MacBook Air will remain in the market at $999. The new laptops will ship next month, though Apple did not specify a date. 

23:39 (IST)06 Jun 2022
Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro

Apple is also introducing a 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M2 processor. 

23:37 (IST)06 Jun 2022
Apple MacBook Air 2022

The new Apple MacBook Air is here and it comes with MagSafe charging. And yes, the display has a notch. This one has a 13.6-inch display, with a liquid retina display. The display supports 1 billion colours, which means this is a 10-bit display. Apple is also adding a 1080p camera to the MacBook Air (finally). The speakers and mics are integrated between the display and keyboard. It has a four speaker sound system. Apple MacBook Air does come with Spatial audio. Touch ID is still there on the MacBook Air. 

And yes, Apple MacBook Air gets a silent fanless design. It comes with an all-day battery life and 18 hour video playback. Users can charge two devices at once. Apple is also bringing 67W fast charging to the MacBook Air. 

23:32 (IST)06 Jun 2022
Apple WWDC 2022: New MacBook Air with M2 is official

Apple has confirmed that a new MacBook Air with the M2 processor is coming. 

23:32 (IST)06 Jun 2022
Apple WWDC 2022: Time for new Macs and M2 processor

The M2 processor is now official. This is next-gen of Apple's silicon with 5nm design and 25 billion transistors. This is a 10-core GPU and remains an 8-core CPU. M2 can handle 24GB of unified memory, reveals Apple with faster performance and efficiency cores. Apple says M2 is more power efficient compared to PC chips and the older M1. The M2 also comes with a dedicated Neural engine, and it will support 8K video as well. 

23:25 (IST)06 Jun 2022
Apple watchOS 9: Track your medications

Now you can log medications on the Apple Watch with watchOS 9. This can be also managed in the Health app on your iPhone as well. This is a pretty useful feature, if you are one of those who keeps forgetting to take your meds. 

23:23 (IST)06 Jun 2022
Apple watchOS 9: It can now track how long you are in A-Fib

Apple is improving A-Fib tracking. A-Fib history will track how long you are in this using the Apple Watch. Apple say it is still awaiting FDA clearance for this history feature. 

23:19 (IST)06 Jun 2022
Apple WWDC: New feature for triathletes

Apple is also adding a new feature where it will automatically detect workouts by triathletes and when they finish one leg and move on to the next. 

23:18 (IST)06 Jun 2022
Apple WWDC 2022: Workouts are getting revamped

Apple is adding three new running form metrics. It says it is not easy to detect some of these, especially based on wrist movement alone. Stride length, and ground contact time are the metrics which Apple will be adding to your running workouts. Apple is also adding heart-rate zones as well. There's also a new custom workout which users can add to their running workouts. 

23:15 (IST)06 Jun 2022
Apple WWDC: It is time for watchOS 9

Four new watch faces are coming to watchOS. The astronomy one is getting revamped, there is a new lunar watchface, 'playtime' has whimsical numbers, and there's metropolitan, which frankly looks the coolest. Users will now be able to pin active apps. Podcast app on watchOS 9 will support the ability to search for new podcasts. 

Apple has introduced some key features for iOS 16, including the ability to customise the lock screen further. It has also added more features to Messages. Most importantly, a new MacBook Air and a 13-inch MacBook Pro has been announced as well. The new laptops are powered by Apple's M2 processor.

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First published on: 06-06-2022 at 10:05:16 am
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