Apple WWDC 2015: Will ‘Proactive’ be a possible Google Now rival?

Proactive will be a part of the Spotlight feature in iOS, says the report

By: Tech Desk | Updated: June 8, 2015 12:05:54 pm
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Apple could be working on ‘Proactive’, a new iOS search system which will be showcased at WWDC as part of iOS 9. According to a report on 9to5Mac ‘Proactive’ will use Siri, Contacts, Calendar, Passbook, and third-party apps and thus can become a possible rival to Google Now.

The report points out that Proactive will also work like Google Now offering users contextual information “based on their data, device usage.” However users will have “privacy preferences”, adds the report.

Proactive will be a part of the Spotlight feature in iOS. Currently Spotlight allows users to search for an app or messages, or phrase in the iOS device or even look up the web. Proactive will take it this one step further, as the report indicates and will see the “integration of core iOS apps,” including Apple Maps.

At the Google I/O last month, the search giant showcased new features of the Google Now which includes Now on tap. According to Google, if a friend messages you about a new restaurant, you can then just ask Google Now for details, without leaving the app you are using.

Google Now will then locate all the details about the app based on the contextual information it has. It  will also start pulling in more third-party data and will include more cards from them, thus ensuring that it becomes one of the most important search tools in your Android device.

Now with reports that Apple is working on its own project ‘Proactive’, it remains to seen how it will challenge Google Now.

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