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Monday, July 23, 2018

Apple users facing calendar, photo album spam: Here’s how to deal with it

Some Apple device users have been complaining about receiving spam calendar notifications, asking them to purchase items they have never searched for

By: Tech Desk | Published: November 30, 2016 3:55:36 pm
Apple, apple calendar spam, Apple calendar spam notifications, how to stop apple calendar spam, ios, mac calendar, unsync calendar from icloud, technology, technology news Spam calendar alerts have been annoying Apple users, as fake iCloud calendar invites have infiltrated countless accounts

Even while some iPhone users are facing crippling battery issues with Apple’s latest iOS 10.1.1 update, other users of some Apple devices have found a new source of irritation – spam requests on Calendar and Photo Album sharing. According to a Forbes report, some iPad, iPhone and Mac users are reporting that their calendar app is allowing invites by other unauthorised users. Others are receiving Photo Album sharing requests from strange email ids.

According to technology writer David Sparks, who has a detailed blog up on how to deal with this spam, “calendar invites with spammy links” are being sent out enmass to users, and most are starting from China. Many users have complained that they are receiving alerts from their calendar app, with the bubble reading invites to buy products they have never saved in their app. For example, a user reports they got an alert to buy new sunglasses on black Friday sale – even though they had never set up the alert.

Currently there does not appear to be a real solution to the issue, however you can take a few steps to address this annoyance. You could do either of the following things to remedy the situation:

1. Disable the calendar on iCloud: If you are actively using the Apple Calendar app, then this option will not be the right option for you to exercise, but still it is a good bet. For users who just want the notifications to go away can go into their iPhone or iPad ‘Settings’ then click on ‘iCloud’, and deselect the Calendar from there. Mac users can find the function in ‘System Preferences’.

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2. Redirect calendar invites to mail: To do this, a user needs to go on on a web browser, open the ‘Preferences’ menu after clicking on the Calendar icon. The user then needs to click on ‘Advanced’ and then go to the ‘Invitations’ section, before clicking on the ‘Email to’ icon.

3. Create a new calendar : You can start a new calendar which you can call Spam or Junk. Just click on the Gear symbol in the Calendar app in your Mac, and you’ll see an option to add a New Calendar. Name this whatever you want to and then go to Preferences, Advanced, and moved all notifications to this calendar. Choose receive notifications as via email, rather than in-app notifications, and you can just bulk delete the entire thread.

Apple has not yet issued a statement on this latest spam campaign against its users. Earlier this year, Apple users in the US were flooded with Chinese text messages via iMessage.

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