Apple iPhone XS launch on September 12: Here are all the questions we are seeking answers for

Apple iPhone XS launch on September 12: Here are all the questions we are seeking answers for

Apple September 12 launch: Before the Apple launch on September 12, we list a few questions you might have about the event

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The Apple event invite is again cryptic.

Apple has just sent out invites for its next big event, by all probability the launch of the next set of iPhones, on September 12. The Apple invite is as cryptic as ever and open to interpretation. But the only thing we are sure of is the venue inside the Apple Park complex. As hundreds of partners, analysts and journalists line up outside the curved glasses of the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino less than a fortnight from now, there will be a few questions for which they will be seeking answers. We try to list a few:

How many iPhones will there be?

This is the question the world has to ask every year, before every Apple event. This time observers are betting on three devices: two iPhone 11 models which will be upgrades of the Apple X launched last year; and, maybe, and a cheaper iPhone 9 to rake in the numbers around the world. However, the iPhone 9 model is clearly in the realm of speculation. I would not be surprised if the iPhone 9 model(s) are upgrades of the iPhone 8 series with something extra thrown in.

Will there be a larger iPhone X?

This seems to be almost certain at the moment, a 6.1-inch version of the iPhone X mode. Whether Apple calls this the iPhone 11 or the iPhone XS is up to the people in Cupertino. However, a larger screen on the iPhone X design will clearly find many takers as there were those who felt the iPhone X was a bit small for their use even though they found the rest of the phone good.

Will there be a cheaper iPhone?

Apple did not really go the path of the iPhone SE despite all the rumours about newer models with affordable price tags. Personally, I don’t think Apple will go down that path as it will bring down its overall average selling price, which is above $700 at the moment. Also, I am not sure an affordable Apple phone really works, unless it is below the $250 range. Many people buy an iPhone because they want to announce to the world that they can afford one. A cheaper iPhone will defeat this purpose as they would rather but a costlier model that is old than a new one with a price tag everyone knows is low.


Will Apple kill 3D Touch?

The 3D Touch hasn’t really been all that popular with iPhone users. So there is a possibility Apple might drop this feature. However, we need to wait and see if this happens this year or next.

What will the big bets be on?

Apple is expected to push the performance of all its devices with new processors. Also, there will be better cameras in all the models for sure — maybe even a dual camera set up across all the devices it launches. I won’t be surprised is the Touch ID is dropped across models in favour of the Face ID. Apple is also expected to launch the Apple Watch 4, maybe with a larger screen. There could also be a new iPad Pro model.