This isn’t the original Apple, says co-founder Wozniak in Reddit AMA

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently held an AMA on Reddit where talked about the recent Apple vs FBI controversy, the Apple Watch and Tim Cook.

By: Tech Desk | Updated: March 18, 2016 12:49:39 pm
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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) discussion on Reddit, where talked about the recent Apple vs FBI controversy, Apple Watch and gave some insights on why he left the company he built.

When asked what he thought Tim Cook was doing right or wrong, Wozniak said he thinks that the Apple CEO has done a great job “acknowledging the employees of Apple and the customers of Apple as real people.”

Wozniak wrote, “He is continuing a strong tradition that Steve Jobs was known for of making good products that help people do things they want to do in their life, and not taking the company into roads of, “Oh, we’ll make all our money like by knowing you and advertising to you.” We’ll make good products. And you know, I started out as a hardware product guy, so I’m glad to see that.

However Wozniak wasn’t too happy about the Apple Watch (but he still owns one, and says he loves it) because he think it has taken Apple into the “jewelry market where you’re going to buy a watch between $500 or $1100 based on how important you think you are as a person.”

According to Wozniak, “The only difference is the band in all those watches. Twenty watches from $500 to $1100. The band’s the only difference? Well this isn’t the company that Apple was originally, or the company that really changed the world a lot. So it might be moving, but you’ve got to follow, you know. You’ve got to follow the paths of where the markets are.

But overall he gives his thumbs up to Tim Cook, and says he’s really happy with every iOS update. “So I approve very strongly of Tim Cook and the new Apple. I dearly miss Steve Jobs too, but, that’s all,” wrote, the Apple co-founder.

When asked about the current Apple vs FBI controversy, Wozniak sides with Apple saying that privacy matters more.

He wrote, “If you tell somebody, ‘I am not snooping on you,’ or, ‘I am giving you some level of privacy; I will not look in your drawers,’ then you should keep your word and be honest. And I always try to avoid being a snoop myself, and it’s rare in time that we can look back and say, ‘How should humans be treated?’ Not, ‘How can the police run everything?‘”

Wozniak also said that twice in his life he wrote code that could have been a virus and says he threw it all away, adding that these are dangerous things and “if some code gets written in an Apple product that lets people in, bad people are going to find their way to it, very likely.

When asked about why he left Apple, Wozniak wrote that he first left in 1981, and then in 1985, although he “actually remained an employee on a slight payroll.”

Even though he left, Steve Jobs made sure Wozniak could always come into the building and he had a badge for the same. “I didn’t use it much, but I can go there. The only trouble is I’ll get mobbed,” writes Wozniak. Read his full Reddit AMA here.

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