Airtel has quickest download speeds, Jio has highest 4G availability: Opensignal

Airtel has quickest download speeds, Jio has highest 4G availability: Opensignal

Reliance Jio's score of 4G availability rose to 97.5 per cent, highest at a country level, while Airtel's download speed score rose by more than a megabit in six months to 8.7 Mbps, according to an Opensignal report.

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Reliance Jio has the highest 97.5 per cent 4G availability among the 22 telecom circles in the country.

Airtel remained the top telecom service provider having highest download speeds for 4G mobile connectivity, while Reliance Jio continued to have highest availability of 4G LTE in India, according to the Mobile Network Experience report for April 2019 by Opensignal.

In terms of download speeds experience, Airtel has the highest speed of 8.7Mbps, followed by Reliance Jio and Vodafone with 6.3Mbps and 5.9Mbps download speed experience respectively. Idea and BSNL have download speeds of 5.4Mbps and 2.9Mbps .respectively.

Airtel’s winning score rose by more than a megabit in six months to 8.7 Mbps — over 2.3 Mbps faster than its closest rival Jio, the report said adding that despite Airtel’s dominance, all five of India’s main operators saw their download speed experience scores improve.

In upload speeds, Idea came on top with 3.0Mbps speeds, while Vodafone turned second with 2.6Mbps, while Airtel, Reliance Jio and BSNL recorded 2.2Mbps, 1.9Mbps, and 0.9Mbps upload speeds respectively. Of course, in terms of 4G LTE these speeds are still no where near global standards. If one considers the upload speeds for 4G networks, these fare worse than downloads.


According to Opensignal, there is no other operator in the world which has scored better at country level than Reliance Jio in India in terms of 4G availability.

Reliance Jio continued to have the highest 4G availability among the 22 telecom circles in India, standing at 97.5 per cent – the highest national score recorded by Opensignal, the report said. Jio was followed by Airtel at 85.6 per cent and Idea at 77.0 per cent. Vodafone’s 4G availability was measured at 76.3 per cent.

“The story of Jio’s network expansion is remarkable. Jio has been a fully-fledged 4G operator for less than three years, but has completely disrupted the market with its rapid network rollout and unlimited data plans.” the report said.

Jio also won the latency experience with a score nearly 13 per cent better than its closest rival Airtel. Jio’s winning score of 62.5ms was close to 14 per cent better as compared to OpenSignal’s last report, while all of India’s five main operators improved.

Airtel improved its score by 19 per cent to 70.5 ms in latency experience. The 3G-only operator BSNL was behind the other network operators in latency experience but managed to improve its score by nearly 18 per cent recording 94.4 ms.

Another key portion of the report was the video experience analysis, in which Airtel was a clear winner with a score of 44.4 out of 100. Reliance Jio turned second at 42.1 followed by Vodafone at 41.2 and Idea with a score of 40.9. BSNL stood a distant fifth scoring 30.7 out of 100.

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Opensignal said that all four of the India’s key 4G operators scored a ‘Fair’ rating in their latest analysis, an improvement from the ‘Poor’ ranking they received when we first analyzed for video experience six months ago.

However, the report adds, even a ‘Fair’ rating means mobile video load times are sluggish; stops and stutters mid-stream are common to varying degrees; and connections often have trouble coping with higher-resolution formats.