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Sunday, January 19, 2020

3 essential free apps to set up a phone for your parents or grandparents

Here are the three free apps that help to set up a phone for your parents or grandparents

Written by Mihir Patkar | Updated: September 27, 2015 5:20:29 pm
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So your dad or your grand mom has got a new smartphone. It’s a nightmare, isn’t it? Sure, it’s great that they are embracing technology, but well, technology isn’t exactly embracing them. Whether we realize it or not, smartphones, especially those running Android, aren’t easy to use for senior citizens. Don’t worry, a few apps will ease them in.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

The absolute first app to install is the one they will ask you about first: an antivirus. While you probably don’t need one because you’re a tech-savvy user, your folks will tap on ads they shouldn’t tap, and download apps they shouldn’t download. Err on the side of caution and protect their phone first.

Lookout for Android does a great job of being easy to use, generally unobtrusive, but still flags threats when they come up. It uses data from other users to send alerts when you’re about to do something unwise, whether it’s downloading an app or browsing the web.

Plus, Lookout also comes with the essential features of Android Device Manager:
1. It will find your phone if you lose it.
2. It will let you remotely lock your phone if it’s stolen.
3. It will automatically save the last location of your phone.
4. It will remotely wipe all data from the phone.

As far as peace of mind goes, Lookout is the ideal app to load on your grandpa’s phone.

Necta Launcher

Android isn’t easy for newcomers, especially those who are coming from an old Nokia or something similar. We’ve shown you how to remove all customisations, so do the same thing, but instead of using Nova Launcher, install Necta Launcher.

Necta is a launcher intended to make Android much easier to use. It has a screen of tiles which you can use to launch its built-in apps (like the text messaging tool or flashlight) or your favourite apps (which you can set up as shortcuts).

There’s also a handy SOS button, which will send a preset message to a contact—so set up your own number and a message, so that if your loved one has fallen and needs your help, they just have to tap a single button.


Zikk lets you remotely control another Android phone through your own Android. It doesn’t give you full control, but the things that most users would need are covered.

The setup takes a few minutes, but go through it step-by-step to set your device as the maser. Then, you can download and uninstall apps remotely to that other device; change settings for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, display, volume; add a contact; set up a reminder; and do much more.

Zikk will save you the trouble of calling out instructions over the phone, or a trip to your Mom’s place to help her out. Instead, you can do it all right from your screen, wherever you are.

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