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Saturday, July 21, 2018

WhatsApp’s text-only Status update is back on iOS: Here’s how to use

WhatsApp's text-only Status had already made a return on Android, and it looks like this is back on iOS too

By: Tech Desk | Updated: March 25, 2017 9:21:58 am
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WhatsApp’s ‘Snapification’ hasn’t quite gone to plan. After introducing Status in the style of disappearing Stories just like on Snapchat and Instagram, we’re seeing the return of the text-status. The text-only Status had already made a return on Android, and it looks like this is back on iOS as well.

WhatsApp’s latest update for iOS version 2.17.10 brings back the text-only status update in your profile, and this is now called as ‘About’.  In order to rediscover your old Status message, go to Settings and tap on your profile picture.

There your last About update should be visible; tap on that status, and you’ll be taken to the list of customised status updates. You can choose from one of these or just add your new one. Just tap on your customised status message, and a new tab will open where you can type in a new update, and then save it. This will then reflect under your name on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s new Status feature, which gets its own separate tab on the app, will continue to remain. The text-only Status update is back on popular demand, thanks to people missing the old style update. The feature was pretty useful; after all you could see a person’s Status and if they had marked it as busy or ‘At the gym’, you at least knew not to expect a reply.

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If you look across the range of Facebook-owned products: the one thing that’s clear is this: Let’s start looking more like Snapchat. Instagram has ‘Stories’, Messenger has something called Messenger Day, which is basically another copy of Stories, and WhatsApp’s Status has been turned into a ‘Stories’ copycat’. Oh, and Facebook is testing out ‘Stories’ in some countries and the global rolled out is expected soon.

While Stories has worked well on Instagram with over 150 million users, and in fact even taken away traffic from Snapchat, things haven’t worked out so well for WhatsApp or so it seems. The messaging app, which is really popular in India with over 160 million monthly active users here, has faced criticism over the new feature.

Thankfully for now, text-only Status is back. So for those who don’t care, they can get back to ignoring the new ‘Status’ tab.

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