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WhatsApp testing new feature to block chat screenshots when authentication is enabled

WhatsApp is currently developing the authentication feature for its Android app that would allow users to unlock the app through the device's fingerprint sensor, but it will restrict them to take screenshots of their chats.

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WhatsApp has added a new functionality to its authentication feature which would restrict users to take screenshots when enabled.

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature that will allow users to block chat screenshots when fingerprint authentication on Android phones is enabled. WhatsApp is said to be testing authentication using the fingerprint sensor on Android phones for some time now, though the feature is yet to be available as a stable update.

According to a report by WABetainfo, the WhatsApp is now planning to add a function to the feature, which will block users from taking screenshots in the chats if authentication is enabled.

Under the new feature, if the user chooses to enable the fingerprint authentication feature, WhatsApp will restrict them from taking screenshots of their chats. Meanwhile, users who do not enable authentication will be able to take the screenshots on the app.

As per the report, the authentication feature is not available in the 2.19.106 Android beta update yet. It is still under development and will be available in the future, WABetainfo noted.

Left: New doodle UI, Right: Fingerprint authentication feature (Image source: WABetainfo)

Doodle UI in WhatsApp Android beta

The update, however, does have the new doodle UI enabled for the users. Updating from 2.19.71 Android beta version to 2.19.106, users will have an interface for sharing media. There will be two tabs to choose between Stickers and Emojis. Stickers will be grouped by “Favourites” and “Category”, so users can easily find the stickers.

The new doodle UI allows users to put stickers over the images, videos and GIFs they send in a chat, reported WABetainfo. There is also a search feature to easily find stickers. Notably, this feature is already present in the WhatsApp iOS app.

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