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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Pokémon GO: How to start the game with Pikachu

Only a true Pokémon fan knows the importance of starting their journey with a Pikachu and here's a trick to get him.

By: Tech Desk | Updated: July 20, 2016 6:25:10 pm
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Pokémon GO is a phenomena that does not need an introduction anymore. Even if you were not a fan of the anime, you are bound to try this Augmented Reality (AR) game one time or another. But for those who know the saga, the importance of having Pikachu as your first Pokémon is pretty evident.

Pikachu is Ash Ketchum’s original Pokémon in the series, and doesn’t travel in the PokéBall with him. Pikachu is a favourite with anyone who has watched the series, and thus a lot of fans are dying to get their hands on this Pokémon.

So how can you make Pikachu the first Pokémon you start with? Here’s the hack explained.

Once you’ve set up the game, as a novice Pokémon master you will get the option of choosing one of three starter Pokémons – Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. In the series, Ash is late to his meeting with Professor Oaks (who is giving away the Pokémons) and ends up getting Pikachu. Initially the two don’t get along, but later become friends.

In the Pokémon  Go games, we have a Professor Willow, who lets you choose between the initial trio and they spawn on the map in front of you. But if you want Pikachu, don’t engage with these Pokémons.

A user must simply walk away from them until they disappear, and re-appear on your screen. After you do this four or five times, Pikachu will appear next to them. This might take some patience, as the game tries to keep the Pokémon on your screen, so don’t give up quite easily.

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And what if you’ve already started your game and have captured another Pokémon?  Sign-in from a different Gmail account to start the game again. Note this means you’ll lose progress with the other account and you might not want to do that if you are controlling some gyms already. Gyms are where you train your Pokémons to battle.

Or if you can’t be bothered to wait for Pikachu to appear, just wait for him to show up around you. Don’t worry, it will happen as Pikachu is not extremely rare. One might appear when you get an egg, after a two kilometre walk.

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