Twitter ‘Night Mode’ for Android users will help you see trolls in a new light

Twitter ‘Night Mode’ for Android users will help you see trolls in a new light

Twitter has rolled out 'Night Mode' for its app on Android, while its availability on iOS remains in the dark

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Twitter has started rolling out Night Mode for some Android users.

Twitter has announced the roll out of ‘Night Mode’ for its app on Android. After testing out the feature last month, Twitter has started rolling out the feature for some Android users. Clicking on the profile icon, a user can flip the night mode on or off. Turning it on will change the background of the app into a dark blue colour with white text.

Night modes are an integral part of a lot of apps, which aids a user to read in low-to-no light conditions without causing eye strain. Many smartphones also have a night mode in stock OS, which when you turn on turns your screen yellowish – a warmer colour, which can be turned on and off automatically using a timed schedule. Night modes are important because the blue light of smartphone screens, when used late at night, can impair a user’s sleeping patterns and also cause a lot of strain to their eyes.

The night mode for Twitter is only available for a few users right now, and the availability of the feature for iOS devices is unknown.

Twitter recently introduced verification of IDs for its users, a feature that was until very recently was limited to public figures, government functionaries, celebrities and journalists. The “blue tick” verification will be expanded to users in fashion, acting, politics, sports, business, music, etc to begin with, before it reaches other users.

Applications like f.lux have become tremendously popular with computer users. The app works similar to the night mode on phones and renders the screen with a yellowish tinge. The app also has a dark mode which turns the background completely black and the text to red, making for easy reading in no light conditions.