Twitter recovers after global outage affected India, US, UK, Japan

Twitter recovers after global outage affected India, US, UK, Japan

A global outage had affected Twitter, which has now been fixed. Users are facing difficulties on the app, as the website is also out of access.

Twitter is currently down in many parts of the world, including India, US, UK, and Japan.

Twitter is now back, after being temporarily down in many parts of the world. There has been no comment from any Twitter representative to indianexpress.comThe micro-blogging website registered an outage around 7 pm IST, with an increasing number of complaints from users. This news was confirmed by internet tracker DownDetector, which suggested that the technical difficulty is being faced by users in the north-eastern US, parts of UK and France, parts of India as well as Japan.

The spike was first reported at 6:50 am EDT (4:20 pm IST), when users reported the outage from the micro-blogging platform’s website. According to DownDetector, 55 per cent of all reports of the Twitter outage originated from users who login from the website. As one tried to open the website, the platform showed the message: “Something is technically wrong. Thanks for noticing – we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon“.

The next major source of Twitter outage was the platform’s Android app, with 26 per cent of reports from Android users.  DownDetector also indicated that difficulties of the same were also observed on the iPad app, where users registered 18 per cent of all complaints. During the global outage, Tweetdeck seems to have remained unaffected.