Twitter accidentally leaks iOS users’ location data to advertising partners

Twitter accidentally leaks iOS users’ location data to advertising partners

Twitter admits that it has been sharing location data of users on Twitter for iOS with its advertising partner due to a bug, which has been fixed now.

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Twitter admits sharing user location data using Twitter for iOS. (Image source: Pixabay/Photomix-company)

Twitter on Monday said that it inadvertently collected and shared location data due to a bug in Twitter for iOS. In a blog post, the social media platform said that the bug affected a portion of users who have been using their app for iOS.

Twitter said that affected users have been notified of the issue. The social media platform assured the users that the partner receiving the location data didn’t receive their exact location.

It says the location data shared was “fuzzed” and it was no more precise than a zip code. The company also said that the partner did not receive users’ Twitter handle or any kind of unique account identifiers.

According to the blog post, the partner did not retain the location data as it existed in their systems for a short time only, and was deleted as part of their normal process. Twitter did not reveal the time when this location sharing took place or for how long it had been going on.


Explaining how the location data was shared, Twitter said that if a user used more than one account on Twitter for iOS and opted into using precise location feature in one account, the app could have collected location data when the user was using other account or accounts on the same device.

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The company admitted that even if a user had not enabled the location data collection option in other accounts, the app collected the location data when the user was accessing the other accounts through the official app. Twitter said that the bug has been fixed.