Twitter adds ‘Direct Reply’ count and ‘Conversation Ranking’ feature

Twitter mobile app will rank replies to a particular tweet based on what is more interesting or popular

By: Tech Desk | Published: November 30, 2016 3:02:45 pm
Twitter, Twitter Direct Replies, Twitter Conversations, Twitter update, Twitter Replies count, Twitter new design, Twitter mobile app, Twitter mobile replies, Twitter Conversations new feature Twitter will now show the number of replies to a tweet, and rank them on the basis of interest.

Twitter has rolled out a new design for its mobile app, where it will rank replies to a particular tweet based on what is more interesting or popular. Twitter’s app will now show the number of replies to a conversation indicating how many people have replied directly to the original tweet. However, this is not the total number of replies in the entire conversation, according to the company.

Twitter will also start to show sub-conversations based on interests, and not just reflect replies in the same, old chronological manner. The idea is to show replies that will interest a user, and get the conversation going forward rather than just see a lot of tweets which might not make sense.

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Twitter’s new move will help cut out some of the noise and spam that exists on the social media website, and put the focus on replies that might be witty or funny or useful, which are always great to read.

Twitter says these changes will make it easier to “follow and join conversations”, given they will show the most interesting ones on first. We’re guessing a reply that gets retweeted many times or a lot of likes will end up rising to the top of the conversation. Twitter’s new feature will be rolled out to Android and iOS app, so do update if you want to check this out.

Twitter has seen several new features, but overall 2016 hasn’t been a good year for the social media website. Growth remains stagnant and there are rumours of the company being sold. Twitter also announced that it was shutting down Vine, it’s app that let users record and share quick videos, which would keep playing in a loop.

But the social media website has indicated it plans to crack down on abuse with a new tool which will let users filter out abusive words and phrases.

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