Another Sarahah? allows you to get anonymous ‘feedback’ from friends

Another Sarahah? allows you to get anonymous ‘feedback’ from friends lets users send anonymous messages, just like Sarahah, which is also available on Google Play Store for Android., app, what is, anonymous feedback, Sarahah, how to share on Instagram, how to use, Android app, Play Store which is also available on Google Play Store for Android, might remind users of Sarahah – an app that lets people do precisely the same thing.

A platform called, which lets users share anonymous messages with others, has started to go viral. The app, which is also available on Google Play Store for Android users, is similar to Sarahah – a service that lets people do the same thing. Sarahah was a huge phenomenon around the same time last year, before it was called out for privacy issues and due to concerns over harassment.

What’s Sayat’s got in common with Sarahah

Just like Sarahah, users can share links to their accounts on social media platforms to get ‘feedback’ from their friends. isn’t new and the Android app has been installed over a million times already. However, interest around it seems to have peaked in India after stand-up comedian Kenny Sebastian and and comedy group AIB shared links to their accounts on Instagram.

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“ makes it easy to gather anonymous, sincere and honest feedback from your social circle and share your anonymous opinions with others,” says the app’s description on Play Store. How to create an account, ask a question can be accessed from a desktop, or the app can also be downloaded on your smartphone. To get started, open on browser. Users will have to create a username and set a password for an account. The home page is very basic, with tabs such as Public, Received, Sent, and Friends. users can upload a profile picture and add friends using the app, or follow others using the service. It even prompts users to register with a verified email account, which is supposed to help them recover their password, if needed. The app is not presently available on Apple App store.

Friends can simply click on the link to give ‘honest’ and ‘anonymous’ feedback. Remember, all feedback remains anonymous, which means users will not be able to figure out who sent the message. Interestingly, users can make up their own questions to post on their social media accounts, or go with one of the default ones. Among the default questions were ones like: “Describe me with a few words”, and “What was your first impression of me”. New questions created by users can also be saved.

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The social media platforms that the user can share links on include, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Russian social media app VK. Only verified profiles on Instagram can add clickable links, so only a few will have the option to share a link from the platform.

Advertising does not look like it’s any different from Sarahah, and the platform is gradually gaining popularity in India. But whether it becomes a phenomenon like Sarahah is yet to be seen.